The Interview: Daveed Barcelo Batllori of COMODOTO

We catch up with Daveed Barcelo Batllori on design process, inspiration and influences of COMODOTO's debut design.


The Interview

Combining technology with traditional design processes, Comodoto are re-imagining everything we thought we knew about lighting. Although the brand experiments with digital printing, embracing new and innovative design methods, Comodoto recognise the value of true craftsmanship and often adopt a handmade approach to their lampshade designs. Inspired by the grandeur of The Palace of Versailles, Comodoto’s debut Versall collection is unique and captivating, just like The Palace itself.

We caught up with co-founder Daveed Barcelo i Batllori on what inspires him to create such authentic and imaginative lampshade designs…

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Q: Can you tell us a little about the design process at Comodoto?

Well, from a young age, I was very meticulous and liked to observe, analyse and understand. I always asked why! My thirst for knowing became analytical and the essence of our design process at Comodoto.

Later, travelling around the world and particularly South Korea, I became obsessed with analysing architecture and using my findings to understand the "why" behind the compositions of some of the world's most iconic landmarks.

I realised that some design elements were interrelated to culture and therefore could not be copied straight away into another place. However, the reasons behind those elements had the potential to be exported to other cultures and this design reinvention can be used to produce completely different results. Once you analyse and understand the reasons and mechanisms behind great design, you can used those inspirations to create an entirely different reality.

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Q: What is the best part about creating a new piece?

Without a doubt, the best part is seeing it realised. The design process is a long and winding road full of hurdles. There's always so many ideas and options and re-designs, pricing, re-design again until the final product is fully realised. But being able to see it, touch it and proving that it works is the final proof that the hard work behind a design was worth it.

Q: Can you tell us more about how Comodoto combine technology with traditional processes?

At Comodoto we don't compromise. We embrace the latest technology and source the best materials but we do also recognise that some things are better done by hand, so we mix the best of both worlds.

Our Versall collection is a fine example. The latest digital printing technology with UV anti-fading filtering is used to ensure the longevity of the artwork. After that, the handmade process starts. The metal frames are individually made and the fabric is hand-rolled onto the metal frames. Only by hand you can feel the tension of the fabric and ensure a perfect bonding into the frames.

In our Versall Limited Edition, each of the 228 crystals is handpicked by brightness and clearness and hand set into the fabric ensuring a perfect bonding. Each crystal lines up perfectly with the others. This attention to detail is a signature of Comodoto design.

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Q: What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Comodoto takes its name from a mountain in the Pyrenees where I used to spend a lot of my time as a youngster. The mountain has a perfect conical shape accentuated in winter by the fresh snow. It's a real ice cream cone! It's incredible to discover how perfect and mathematical our nature can be.

Understanding the mathematical and physical processes that form nature and our physical environment is a real revelation that has inspired our brand. Reality often surpasses fiction. At Comodoto we intend to apply processes in a similar manner to create unique objects that really make you feel and dream.

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Q: What do you believe makes Comodoto different from other interior brands?

Comodoto is a brand of two disciplines: architecture and interior design. Therefore, functionality is deeply rooted into our designs. The other thing that sets us apart is that we have the know-how to provide both commercial and bespoke residential design services.

Versall is our first commercialised design (exclusively available through Houseology only) after several years of designing bespoke products. You can buy Versall or approach us for a fully bespoke design. At Comodoto, we never compromise on design or quality, that's why our products come with lifetime guarantee.

Q: Describe Comodoto in four words

Luxury, quality, functionality, feel, dream.

I know...that's five. Comodoto gives you more; always.

Versall Original

Q: Daveed, you're influenced by Gaudi & Mackintosh, what is it about their work that inspires you?

If you know a little about Gaudi, that is beyond the postcard pictures, his designs are as beautiful as functional and charged with meaning. Every part of his buildings has a special meaning and decoration follows that meaning. They are also incredibly high-tech, for his time, with over 100 years old air conditioning systems and very clever drainage systems.

Current architects are struggling to replicate his designs, even with the most advanced software and materials; he designed with pencil and paper and built it in stone. Every form he created, every single one of his designs has beauty, functionality and meaning, every item is a masterpiece. At Comodoto we follow these three same principles.

From Mackintosh, I love the way he reinterprets things. His reinterpretation of the rose. The reinterpretation of the bay window. He takes the essence of the object he studies and reinterprets it into a new entity. That's how we created Versall. We took the essence of the chandelier and reinterpreted into a lampshade and added meaning on the way.

Comodoto Versall

Q: What is the Comodoto customer like?

The Comodoto customer is someone that seeks something different and inspiring and does not want to compromise. They are passionate and discerning.

Q: Is there a piece in the new collection you are fond of, and if so why?

My favourite one is the Versall Limited Edition. With 228 Swarovski crystals individually set is a showstopper for any house. Every crystal is hand-picked for clearness and brightness. There's hours of meticulous love and dedication to ensure every crystal lines up perfectly with each other. It's a masterpiece.

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