The Interview: Chris Ward of Hypnos

We catch up with Chris Ward from Hypnos to learn more about the sleep-technology of this leading luxury mattress brand.


The Interview

With work, family and a social life to juggle, ensuring we get the best night’s sleep possible is the best gift we can possibly give to ourselves. With that in mind, Houseology has teamed up with leading luxury mattress brand, Hypnos, in order to create a special collection of mattresses and divan beds which ensure that everyone can get the blissful night’s sleep they need and deserve.

We interview Chris Ward, marketing director at Hypnos, to find out about the experience and history that goes into every one of the luxury mattresses they make…

Q: Where did the Hypnos journey begin?

A:Hypnos is a fifth-generation family-run British company. We’ve been making handmade beds and mattresses for over a century and we still use many of the traditional skills combined with constant innovation and modern twists. The experience we have gained in the field has built our reputation for making the most comfortable beds in the world.

Q: You’re considered sleep experts in your field, what factors have contributed to the success of your multi-award winning mattresses?

A: We consider every Hypnos product as one of the most comfortable beds in the world. Our skilled craftsmen have passed down over 100 years of wisdom and experience and we are passionate about our unique handmade approach to production and design.

Chris Ward Interview - Hypnos luxury mattress

Hypnos focus on the production of pocket sprung beds and mattresses with premium quality and luxurious fillings such as wool, cashmere and silk. Each bed is handmade and made to order: we don’t make batches and so everything about the bed is unique and can be personalised to guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep every time.

Q: Tell us more about your collaboration with Houseology…

A: We’ve worked with the experienced interior designers at Houseology to specify some of the finest materials available in order to create luxurious mattresses designed to ensure the ultimate comfort and to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Chris Ward Interview - Hypnos divan bed

The collection of Houseology OH mattresses and divans by Hypnos are available from single to super king size as well as in a whole range of different levels of support and comfort. Our first priority is comfort and support so we’ve carefully considered the relationship between each mattress and divan to ensure they work in harmony together and the materials we use ensure breathability and longevity over time.

Q: Where do the design ideas come from?

A: As sleep experts, we understand that our lives are getting more hectic. We’re working longer hours and sleeping less and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the balance right between work, play and family life. Ensuring everyone has a better quality of sleep is at the heart of the Hypnos design process.

We firmly believe that sleep is part of a triangle of needs that everybody has. The first is food and nutrition and the second is exercise and this analogy is considered in everything we design. We hear everybody talking about nutrition and exercise all the time but sleep is the other fundamental area. You need to get the right amount and quality of sleep to have the energy you need to cope with the hustle and bustle of daily life. We passionately believe that if you are exercising correctly and you have the right nutrition and you’re getting eight hours of sleep a night, you will wake up completely refreshed in terms of your body, your mind and your soul.

Chris Ward Interview

Q: After 100 years in the field, how does Hypnos keep up with the times and stay a style step ahead?

A: The Hypnos creative team are dedicated to constantly evolving the Hypnos brand. From sourcing luxury materials to developing new mattress-technology, our sleep innovators are constantly finding new ways and creating industry first construction techniques to improve the quality of sleep for our customers.

Q: What is your favourite feature of Hypnos mattresses?

A: Our beds are what is called double-sided and at the heart of them is a pocket spring system which is one of the highest quality suspension systems on the market. Each spring works independently within each pocket so that the bed immediately recognises the imprint of the body and easily manages the difference between you and your partner so you don’t get any disturbances. We wrap the pocket springs in natural or sustainable materials such as wool, cashmere, silk and cotton as well as more luxurious materials like alpaca, camel and even silver. All these properties are designed to make each luxury mattress ultra-breathable and to make sure there’s plenty of air flow so that you have a hygienic sleep at the right temperature.

Chris Ward Interview - Hypnos headboards

Q: What do you like about working with Houseology?

A: We know that, a lot of the time, the mattress is hidden under the duvet but we have a very strong passion for stand out materials, design heritage and enduring quality and Houseology work in the very same way. Our mattress collection for Houseology has proven that Hypnos and the Houseologists are definitely like-minded, style-conscious collaborators.

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