The Interview: Anna Ararà Font of Brucs

Anna Ararà Font of family designer furniture and homeware company, Brucs, tells us all about where the business began and where her inspirations come from.


The Interview

With a collection of furniture and accessories created in the most beautiful natural materials and inspired by the past, the Brucs collection has been a Houseology favourite for many years. Working beautifully with the relaxed sophistication of the Chic look, Brucs pieces are elegant yet casual with a stylish sturdiness that we love. We speak to designer Anna Ararà Font about her wonderful family business…

Q: How did the Brucs brand begin?

A: My parents, Pere Ararà and Nuria Font, had a basket and rattan furniture store in Sant Feliu de Guíxols in Spain. While on holiday with some friends, they discovered several teak furniture factories in Thailand, and they began making the first Brucs furniture pieces for their stores.

Because of the great success they had in their shop, and due to the marked entrepreneurial spirit of my father, my parents decided to create a new distribution company, and 25 years later we’re still keeping our family dream alive.

The Interview: Anna Arara Font - Brucs tables

Q: Did you always know that you wanted to join the family business?

A: Not really. When I was little and during the construction of our family house, I realised that building really appealed to me. It all began as a game as I used to help my mother with window dressings and setting up the shops.

Later on I became an architect. For some years I worked with a well recognised architect studio in Barcelona, but my parents needed some help at Brucs and I decided to join them; the decision made a huge positive change in my life. In a small and familiar company like ours, you really join the company at birth, business conversations happen all the time in day to day family life. You don’t join the company, you’re just part of it from the beginning.

Q: Where does your passion for design come from?

Well, I grew up in the family shop, surrounded by inspirational designs, decorations and furniture, so that has definitely fueled my creative side from an early age. The technical knowledge I gained during my time as an architect has also driven my design passion and developed it further over the years.

The Interview: Anna Arara Font Brucs cabinets

Q: How would you describe the feel of Brucs designs?

A: Brucs collections exude a formal lifestyle but are also casual, non-conformist and elegant. Each piece is traditionally modern with a fusion of both classic and contemporary style. They combine the charm of yesteryear with the functionality and comfort of today.

Q: There is a historical feel to a number of the Brucs pieces, is it important to you to look to tradition when creating new pieces?

A: Yes of course. It is one of our principle values so we can keep the look and lines of all our collections and develop our designs accordingly to work effortlessly in a host of settings and different atmospheres. I believe it is important for an interior decoration company to preserve the main image of their brand and so I hope that when our customers think about Brucs, they are reminded of our rich heritage and our passion for creating timeless designs that can be cherished for years to come. With our new collections we must surprise our customers, but without losing our essence.

Anna Arara Font interview - Brucs dining furniture

Q: Where do your inspirations come from?

A: My inspirations come from travelling, nature and from the things we all do daily. Inspiration is everywhere, every single second there are millions of inspiring things happening all around us. Sometimes crazy inspirations come to me but other times they form the base of our new collections - it depends on my mood maybe!

Q: Brucs pieces use the most beautiful materials, are there materials you particularly love working with?

A: We work in a small town and just a couple of steps away from our home lies the middle of the forest so natural materials such as wood and recycled wood, metal, iron and ceramics are the materials we feel most comfortable with.

Q: What do you think makes a good design?

A: For me there isn’t a general good design, as everyone might use the same design in a different way. If you can reach the person that wishes to have your product, then the design is not just good, it is perfect. Good design depends on the satisfaction you give the user of the product, not just the design of the product itself.

Anna Arara Font interview - Brucs pine and iron rack

Q: How have Brucs designs changed since the company began?

A: The designs have changed along with the market trends and the materials. Innovation and modern production techniques have also had a significant impact on our producing capabilities. We keep ourselves updated and informed with the market trends and the evolution of fashion and designs, however we do always try to be consistent without losing our signature Brucs style.

Q: What do you love to use when you are decorating a room? Particular colours, prints etc?

A: We love to combine plain and patterned fabrics on the upholstered items and to mix coloured walls and natural elements with decorative items. It is the combination of many factors that makes the interior environment perfect. Details are the key to interior decoration, so every single decision counts.

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