We Love Hygge

What is hygge? Discover this wonderful Danish concept in the Houseology guide to bringing a little hygge into your life this winter.


Interior Design Ideas

It’s the concept that everyone is talking about but what is hygge? The Houseologists are on hand to explain and to give you all the tips you need to bring a touch of this feel-good style into your life today…

01.What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish concept that we Houseologists just can’t get enough of! Perhaps the trickiest thing about mastering hygge is how to pronounce it and, after some practise and research, it is: somewhere between hoo-ga and hue-guh.

Hygge interior style

As well as being a little bit of a tongue twister, hygge doesn’t directly translate into English, and instead there are a whole host of aspects to the hygge concept which makes us love it even more! Roughly speaking, hygge means cosy but it has many more layers, incorporating atmosphere, company and attitude to life.

Hygge is an integral part of Danish living, particularly during the winter months when there can be as few as seven hours of daylight each day. Hygge is about appreciating the simpler things in life and creating a wonderfully, warm atmosphere that can be enjoyed with those you love most and revelled in as the weather makes venturing outdoors deeply unappealing.

Hygge interior style - cosy living room scheme

Hygge is all about feeling relaxed and at home and nourishing the soul with the good things in life. Think sharing a delicious roast dinner with friends, lying in front of the fire while the rain batters the window or wrapping up for a chilly walk in the beautiful winter countryside – hygge has many guises, all of which make us feel wonderful.

02.I’m sold, how do I create hygge at home?

Although hygge is very much a feeling, there are several interior ingredients that can help to create this wonderful cosy atmosphere in your home…


Candles are crucial to Danish homes and to hygge, creating a warm glow that inspires us to relax and cosy up. From tea lights to luxury scented candles, the key is candlelight and lots of it! On table tops, window ledges, fireplaces – candles everywhere and anywhere are perfect for an instant dose of hygge!

Hygge interior style - candles

Warm lighting schemes

To ensure everyone in your home feels warm and comfortable, the lighting should be low and cosy. Replace the bright overhead light with table and floor lamps and twinkling fairy or garland lights. Check out our guide to winter lighting for more inspiration.

Play host

To really spread the hygge joy, why not host your friends or family for an evening of eating, drinking and being merry? Hearty stews and simple but delicious one-pot dishes are super hyggeligt (the hygge adjective, pronounced hue-guh-lit) and will ensure you’re not running around cooking but spending time enjoying the company and atmosphere with your guests.

Hygge interior style - winter entertaining

Cosy accessories

Getting super comfortable is an important part of creating the hygge vibe. We’re feeling inspired by Scandinavian style and layering faux fur, sheepskins and chunky knit cushions and blankets for an irresistibly comfy sofa experience – after all, we don’t plan to leave until spring!

Turn off the TV

Although cosying up in front of your favourite series can definitely be hygge, turning off the television and enjoying good ol’ fashioned conversation certainly is too. Laughing with friends is a swift route to hygge so make the most of precious time spent with your loved ones in the interior spaces you love the most.

For more hygge inspiration, visit our Pinterest board.

03.Is hygge only for Christmas?

No! Hygge may be particularly prevalent for the winter months, especially during the season of goodwill, however it exists all year round. Days at the beach with family, opening the curtains and filling your home with sunshine or being able to sit outside with a glass of wine but without a jacket, can all be considered hygge as they fill you with joy and make every day just that little bit happier. Thanks Denmark!