Utilitarian Style

Ensure there is a place for everything with our Houseologists' top utility room interiro design ideas! From storage to cleaning - we've got it covered.


Interior Design Ideas

Although a utility room or space should always be superbly functional, that doesn't mean it can't be stunningly stylish too! From the way you stow away essential bits and bobs to the cleaning tools you use, we have lots of utility room ideas to ensure your space is as chic as it is practical.

01.Super storage

Utility rooms can often become rather cluttered and so smart storage is crucial when it comes to ensuring that the space doesn't feel like a dumping ground. When you are planning your utility space storage, be sure to play to the shape of the room. If you're working with a small space with higher ceilings, utilise the wall space with high shelving or wall-mounted units. A wall unit with hooks is a wonderful space saver, adding additional shelving as well as a place for coats and bags.

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For odds and ends that you would rather keep out on sight, try introducing gorgeous wicker baskets for a rustic, countryside utility room idea. Try stowing open-topped baskets or vintage crates under a console table or look-out for lidded baskets to keep clutter completely hidden away.

02.Clean sweep

Although storage is key in a utility space, that doesn't mean that your housework essentials need to be tucked away. We love Perigot's collections of designer brooms, mops and dusters which are certainly worthy of taking centre stage! Try adding some wall hooks for a utility room idea that will allow you to store your cleaning tools and keep them on display for a cool, vintage-inspired look.

brooms and dusters

03.Decorative additions

To really style up your utility room, try introducing some smaller storage solutions. Pegs, cleaning products, shoe brushes and all manner of bits and pieces can be given a stylish overhaul by being stored in chic tins and jars. Plus, you can keep this lot out on work surfaces, freeing-up valuable cupboard and drawer space!

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