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Sale now CLOSED. Be inspired by the laid-back elegance of the American East Coast and bring New England style to your home for less in the Houseology Summer Sale!


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The Houseology Summer Sale is here and this we’re offering up to 50% off some of our favourite summer interior look and styles.

As the sun starts to shine, the Houseologists are always drawn to the relaxed elegance of New England style and our collection of offers means that is it possible to recreate this stunning East Coast look for less. Whether you are looking to give your home a complete overhaul or add just a hint of Hamptons-inspired style, the New England look is guaranteed to fill your interior with Summer spirit.

Weathered timber is one of the key materials in the New England interior style and introducing this through furnishings and accessories will inspire the cool coastal feel associated with the American East Coast. Dining tables, such as the Eichholtz Particulier Dining Table, with their almost driftwood-like feel, embody this laid-back yet sophisticated vibe and invite people to relax and unwind. The texture of these wooden pieces also adds a rich, tactile warmth to the interior space that complements and balances the cooler palette of the New England style.

New England furniture

Simplicity is key with the New England scheme with its charm being created through the thoughtful combination of textures and shapes. When it comes to palette, white is key to this look and white painted furnishings, upholstery and wallpapers and rugs make the perfect backdrop to this style and allow the subtle finishes and furnishings to take centre stage. To prevent schemes that feature a lot of white from feeling cold or sterile, look to warmer whites or stone colours and incorporate natural wood finishes as well as soft textures. The Calvin Klein Puli Rug is perfect for bringing a textural dimension to the look and softening the New England white scheme.

New England palette

Although the New England look is based on a simple palette of whites, creams and natural wood finishes, subtle colour additions being added through textiles in seashore inspired pastels and all-American red and blue. Chunky knit cushions and throws, soft linen napkins and cotton bed linen all nail this style. Look to slightly washed out shades in order to really embrace New England’s beachy vibe and to prevent the casual sophistication being overwhelmed with vibrant hues. Stonewashed denim and sun-bleached reds are among Houseology’s favourite Americana additions.

New England bedrrom

Final flourishes are crucial to pulling any look together and a few carefully chosen accessories can really lift the New England look and introduce other elements of the style. Wicker pieces or lighting and accessories with a slightly nautical edge are the perfect finishing flourish and enhance the seashore vibe that is key to the Hamptons look. Sea-smoothed pebbles, shells and lanterns make for the perfect accessories to this scheme, create chic arrangements on side tables, window sills or fireplaces to complete your room.

New England accessories

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