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Beat the rush and start preparing for Christmas early with the Houseology checklist and guide to getting ready for the festive season in style.


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Although we may not want to admit it, Christmas is on the horizon and if last-minute panic buying isn't your idea of a fun December, now is the time to start making your festive plans! Whether you’re feeding the family, hosting over the festive season or want to refresh your Christmas decorations, our team of Houseologists are on hand with this handy guide to ensure that preparing for Christmas is a super stylish event…

01.Christmas preparations - the spare bedroom

If family and loved ones are staying with you over the festive period, then now is definitely the time to start preparing for Christmas! From pillows to bed linen, having additional people in your home at this time of year takes some planning. Our guide will relieve the pressure and make sure you breeze through your Christmas preparations in style…

Christmas bedroom

Spare rooms have a tendency to become storage spaces through the year but if you’re hosting over Christmas it’s important to ensure they are warm and welcoming. Take stock of your bed linen to assess whether you need additional sheets and check that your spare pillows and duvets are up to scratch too. Winter duvets usually have a tog rating of between 10.5 and 13.5 so remember to check this to ensure your guests are snug. It may also be worth checking if your guests have any allergies before investing in new bedding. Feather fillings on pillows, duvets and mattress toppers can trigger reactions for some and so synthetic fillings can be a better option for spare rooms.

To make your spare bedroom super festive, add a gorgeous faux fur throw and a hot water bottle to the bed and include scented candles to ensure everyone is firmly in the spirit of the season!

Spare bedroom checklist:
• Bed linen
• Bedding
• Cosy throws
• Faux fur accessories
• Scented candles
• Festive accents

02.Christmas preparations - the living room

The living room is the hub of the home over the Christmas period with everyone gathering here to open presents, watch films and fall asleep on the couch after too many roast potatoes. With the festivities in mind, now is the time to start considering additional seating so that your living room is able to accommodate all.

Designer sofas are often made to order and so begin your hunt early if you’re considering a brand new suite. Alternatively, a few designer bean bags or heap of cushions can make the perfect additional seating option and can easily be stowed away at other times of the year. Complete your seating scheme with festive throws and cushions in complementary colours and touchable textures such as faux fur or rich chunky knits.

Chalet inspired living room

As well as your seating, it's important that your living room lighting scheme enhances the feeling of festive cosinesss. Exchange bright overhead lighting for a couple of table lamps, the twinkle of Christmas fairylights and plenty of candles for a look exudes elegant Christmas cheer.

Living room checklist:
• Additional seating
• Festive cushions and throws
• Cosy lighting
• Tea light holders and lanterns

03.Christmas preparations - feeding the family

The festive dinner is, without doubt, the most eagerly anticipated meal of the year which can make preparing for Christmas dinner feel like a high pressure situation! However, by ensuring you are prepared with all the equipment you need, it’s easy to breeze through Christmas dinner preparation!

Getting your kitchen ready in advance will save you time in the long run. When you are planning your festive menu, take a look at the equipment you'll need for each course and check if you have the right pans and utensils to save a Christmas morning meltdown. Also take a look through your cupboards to ensure you have enough Christmas tableware, including crockery, cutlery, glassware and table linen, to make it through the meal.

Almond Le Creuset Casserole

Serving the meal may also need a little thought as it’s important that your guests can sit comfortably as Christmas dinner is to be lingered over and enjoyed. An extendable dining table is perfect for those with larger families looking for a seating solution that can be tucked away when not in use. Luxurious upholstered dining chairs make the perfect finishing touch to any festive dining space, adding a touch of opulence and a super comfy spot to enjoy the best meal of the year.

Christmas checklist:
• Dining table and seating
• Crockery
• Cutlery
• Glassware
• Bakeware
• Cooking utensils
• Serving dishes and utensils
• Table linen
• Table decorations

04.Designer decorations

Decorations are often collected over time but if you fancy a change, start preparing for a Christmas refresh. Before you start shopping, consider the kind of look and feel you would like to create. Pinterest is a wonderful starting point, then begin to think about the colour palette, materials and silhouettes you would like to incorporate. Whether you love the natural materials of Chic, the elegant metallics of Luxe or the clean lines of Urban, there is a perfect Christmas scheme for you!

Designer Christmas decorations As well as your Christmas tree, think about the kind of Christmas decorations you could add to your hallway, bedrooms and surfaces such as consoles, mantelpieces and window sills for a true winter wonderland setting. Consider where you might also be able to add festive lighting too in order to ensure that public spaces are as inviting and festive as possible.

Christmas checklist:
• Christmas tree
• Baubles, decorations and tree ornaments
• Lights
• Garlands and wreaths
• Stockings
• Candles and lanterns

05.Gorgeous gifts

As we all know, this is the season of giving and handing over a present you know that your nearest and dearest will love is incredibly satisfying! Our collection of luxury Christmas gifts makes finding the perfect present as easy as possible so there’s no excuse for not making an early start!

Preparing for Christmas in Style - luxury christmas gifts

Creating a stock of smaller presents can also be a great idea for avoiding stress at this time of year too. Gifts such as candles and wine accessories are perfect for when you are unexpectedly given a gift or when you are in need of a hostess gift. Keep three or four pieces wrapped up in a drawer to ensure you are ready for anything this Christmas!

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