Pendant Lighting Ideas

Changing your home's interior doesn't need to mean a major overhaul, add a new style slant with our pendant lighting ideas.


Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to changing up your home, the options are endless. From a complete overhaul to changing finishing touch accessories, it is possible to transform the look and feel of a space in a whole range of ways, however, one of the options that is less often considered it to change up the lighting scheme with a designer pendant light.

Often forming the central focal point of the room as well as adding visual interest by creating variation in height, pendant lights have a huge impact on any room and our team of Houseologists have put together their top pendant lighting ideas to fill you with interior style inspiration.

01.For an industrial scheme

The kind of light a pendant light emits influences the overall feel of the interior scheme, but the look of the light itself can also transform the scheme entirely and reinforce the look that you are seeking to create. Pendant lighting can work particularly well with stripped back, industrial inspired schemes especially when you look to materials such as concrete and steel, experimenting with simple designs that feature exposed mechanisms. Pendant lighting inspired by highly functional lights such as theatre lighting can also enhance the industrial feel of the space and create a sense of heightened interior drama.

Pendant lighting ideas - industrial pendant lights

Bare or exposed light bulbs are also perfect for introducing a feeling of cool industrial functionality. Filament bulbs are perfect for this, adding a warm glow and a vintage aspect to your industrial look. To find the right bulb, look at lumens instead of watts to ensure you choose a bulb that isn't too cool and offers enough light emission.

02.For a touch of glamour

Gold, silver, copper, lustred glass and crystal are perfect for bringing a little glamour and Luxe inspiration into an interior and these materials make gorgeous statement pendant lighting ideas. Metallic shades and blown glass shapes add an instant splash of elegance to a space, we love pendant lights that combine these materials with curved shapes, such as the Tom Dixon Mirror Ball, for a feeling of old Hollywood glamour. Look to designer pendant light collections by brands such as Lee Broom, Heathfield & Co and Tom Dixon for a wealth of stylish sparkle.

Pendant lighting ideas - glamourous pendant lights

03.For a contemporary scheme

Rather than traditional shaded pendant lights, look to cool sculptural styles to make your lighting work with more contemporary interior schemes. Unusual shapes, innovative manufacturing techniques and pioneering uses of materials by top lighting designers mean that pendant lighting is constantly changing and evolving, creating new contemporary styles. From Flos’ use of resin to create a striking cocoon effect to Moooi’s dynamic use of yarn to create the iconic Random Light – look to designers who think outside of the box for pendant lights that bring a burst of modernism to your home.

Pendant lighting ideas - contemporary pendant lights

04.For the kitchen

Pendant lights are wonderful kitchen additions, particularly over islands or breakfast bar areas. Pendant lights that direct the light downwards are perfect for task areas such as chopping stations or above sinks while pendants with softer, diffused light works best for eating or socialising areas, creating a relaxing ambience. In terms of materials, pendant lights with metal finishes are often popular for kitchens as they are easily wiped clean and will not absorb food smells or oil from cooking.

Pendant lighting ideas - kitchen pendant lighting

05.For the dining room

Suspending pendant lighting over a dining table casts the table in a pool of light creating an intimate setting for eating with friends and family. Remember to consider scale when you are choosing your pendant light as it shouldn’t dwarf your dining table or feel as though it is unnoticeable – think about the size of the room as well as the table when you are choosing. It is also important to consider the height at which to suspend over-table pendant lights as they should be low enough to illuminate the food but not so low that the light is distracting or it is possible to bump your head when seated.

If you don’t have a dining room and your dining table is in another room, placing a pendant light over the table can be a wonderful way of making the area feel like it is separate from the space. For example, if you dining table is at one side of your living room, illuminating just the table rather than the whole room will give the feeling of a smaller, cosier dining space.

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