Living Room Makeover Tips

Breathe new life into your home with our top living room interior makeover tips!


Interior Design Ideas

01.The sofa

The sofa is often the key piece in the living room and so getting this right will ensure that your living room design flows. The natural upholstery of the Eichholtz Paolo Sofa means that it fits with many interior schemes and can be easily restyled to suit the new season trends. The elegant shape and button detailing of the Paolo Sofa oozes classic glamour and makes this piece a gorgeous focal point. Try creating sociable groupings of sofas and chairs so that people can interact easily without the interruption of moving around the space.

Living Room Makeover

02.The rug

Cream and white living room designs can feel a little clinical, however with the addition of texture through soft furnishings and accessories this colour scheme feels rich and cosy. The Apollo Rug from Dutch brand, Eichholtz, with its gorgeous beige hue and 100% New Zealand wool pile is the perfect softener for clean, white schemes as it adds warmth through both its colour and rich texture. The Greek key pattern of the rug adds dimension to the living room space, providing a clearly defined border and bringing the AW14 geometric trend into your home.

Living Room Makeover

03.The accessories

Creating a gorgeous living room design scheme that invites you to relax, unwind and forget about the day takes more than just beautiful furnishings. Accessories and accent pieces enrich the scheme and allow you to put your own style stamp on the space.

Look for accessories that have subtle repetition across their shapes, materials, colours, theme or time period to add consistency to the look.

Living Room Makeover

04.The lighting

From entertaining and family time to relaxation, our living rooms work hard so consider the functions of the space when selecting lighting. Think about what you will use different areas of the room for (reading, watching television, etc) and then ensure the lighting is appropriate for the purpose.

Living Room Makeover

Lighting schemes are crucial to creating the ambience of a space, whether it’s warm and cosy or dramatic. These table lamps create a softer scheme but think about the kind of light bulbs you use too; warm whites are much more inviting.

05.The table

The coffee table often forms the focal point in the living room with seating areas being arranged around it and so picking a piece that is both stylish and practical will give your living room the edge.

The use of two Eichholtz Aubrey Coffee Tables in this look creates a gorgeous symmetry as well as an additional surface area on which to display beautiful accessories that work with the metallic detailing of the furniture and create a stylish French salon feel.

Living Room Makeover

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