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Snap your home in style with our top interior photography tips.


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We Houseologists believe that you can never have too much interior inspiration which is part of the reason why we’re so excited about our amazing new platform, My Houseology! My Houseology encourages customers to share photos of their latest Houseology purchases so that everyone can see how they have styled their interior additions in their new homes and to help you we have pulled together some top interior photography tips!

As well as creating a wonderful hub of interior style, these photos will help to inspire everyone to create the home of their homes and we have teamed up with some of the UK’s best interior bloggers to bring you their top interior photography tips and hints.

01.Lighting tips for interior photography

We all know that lighting is important when it comes to taking pictures, but how can we harness it correctly to ensure we get the best shots possible? Hege Morris of gorgeous Scandic inspired blog, Hege in France, says, “For me, the most important thing is natural light. I only take photos on bright days, which can be easier said than done as I live in Scotland! I make sure my ISO (measure of the camera’s sensitivity to light) is on 100 as it makes the photo clear and not grainy. When I’m taking photos of a lamp, I always leave the lamp switched off as I think it looks much better in photos as you don't get a yellow glare.”

Interior photography tips - Gubi La Pedrera H20 Lamp

Natural lighting is also key for Lori of Wild & Grizzly, “When taking interior shots I always use natural light where possible and ensure that my space is uncluttered. If your photo is a little on the dark side then you can easily use apps like VSCO or Snapseed to brighten your images, adjust the colours and contrast and make sure it's picture perfect.”

Interior photography tips - Wireworks Pleasure Dome

Although lighting is key, it is important to ensure that your shooting space is not too bright as this will also impact on the finished results. “Make sure you work with the natural light and shoot when the sun has just moved off the room and there is no direct sunlight flooding in but it is still bright,” says Katy Orme of Apartment Apothecary. Around lunchtime is usually the best time to shoot as morning light can be quite cold and afternoon light can be too yellow. If needs be, set up the styling the night before so that you’re ready for the perfect moment to take the photo the next day.”

Interior photography tips - House in Style HS Bari Cushion

02.Plan your interior photography ahead

When it comes to getting the perfect shot, planning ahead certainly pays off and prevents you losing light due to spending time tidying up the space. “Always organise the room prior to your shoot,” says Wendy Clark, head of production at Houseology. “Think about the image that you want to capture, don’t just start shooting an interior space at random, walk around the room and get a feel for it and how it works.”

Interior photography tips - Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

03.Work your angles - the best interior photography set ups

“My top interior photography tip is to try taking photos from different angles to see what works best,” says Rachel of The Ordinary Lovely. “As well as moving around a room, try kneeling on the floor or standing on a chair, for the best results don't just confine yourself to pointing and shooting at eye level.”

“It’s always best to test out all the angles you want to shoot beforehand and make sure all your shots are level,” adds Katy. “Use a digital grid on your camera’s viewfinder setting - if there is one - so that you can line up the walls, floors and furniture. A level shot makes a huge difference to how professional a photo looks.”

Interior photography tips - Murmur collection

04.Accessorise and style your set

The best interior photos have been carefully styled - before being photographed - to ensure that the balance of colours, textures and shapes are pleasing to the eye. Adding just a few carefully placed accents can completely transform your finished shot, “Add features to a room to create atmosphere,” says Wendy. “Well-placed accessories such as design books can give interior photography a professional touch, Instagram is a great resource for examples of how to set up a room or close-up shot.”

“What looks beautiful to the eye doesn’t always develop well on film,” says Katy. “Styling a dining table for guests to eat at is a completely different process to styling one to be photographed. Also, set up your shot with the angle you’re shooting from in mind.”

Interior photography tips - Le Creuset Deep Rectangular Baking Dish

05.Edit your interior photographs

With countless apps and digital tools available for adding effects and filters to your photographs or creating stylish crops, there are lots of ways to enhance your imagery in post-production. “Keep looking at the photographs on your laptop and make adjustments as you go,” says Amanda Cottingham of the Ana Mum Diary. “Sometimes what you see through the lens is completely different when you see it on screen so keep checking back!”

Interior photography tips - Ferm Livign bedding collection

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