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Working from home has never been easier. Feel inspired with our business blogger roundup of the best home office design ideas.


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Are you tired of your daily commute? Do you want to break free from your office cubicle in favour of a more inspirational work space? Well, perhaps it’s time to bid farewell to the fluorescent lights and late nights in the office and join the 1 in 7 people in the UK who are currently working from home.

Thanks to the Digital Age, working from home has never been easier. So, with this in mind, our team of Houseologists have brought together our round up of some of the web’s top business blogs and their tips for success to create your very own home office workspace.

01.Determine your needs

Inc.com is a one-stop shop for small business services, advice and tools. In their article discussing ‘the basics of home office design’, author Neal Zimmerman explains the importance of determining your needs: "Part of determining your needs means figuring out what equipment you'll need, such as computers, printers, desks, tables, and storage areas for files and other records.”

If you have client or employee visitors, you’ll need a dedicated meeting space. Choose a round table to create a welcoming hub for formal and informal meetings, ideal for spaces with a small footprint.

Home Office design ideas - &Tradition Raft Stool

02.Choose the right space

Mashable - the leading source of business news for the ‘connected generation’- recently interviewed office expert Lisa Kanarek, on her top home office tips and the importance of choosing a productive work space:

“If you work from home full-time, you’re going to be spending as much time in your office as you do in the rest of the house. Try different rooms in your home over the course of a month before deciding exactly where you’re going to be working and watch out for initial spaces that turn out to be too hot, too noisy or too quiet. Then, consider an L or U-shaped layout for optimum efficiency.”

Home Office design ideas - gubi beetle dining chair

03.Set a tone that gets you working

In their recent article, 'Design a Home Office You’ll Actually Work In' leading business publication, Forbes magazine, highlighted the importance of setting the correct tone in your workspace:

“Keep clutter to a minimum – a room full of unrelated objects feels unorganised, cramped and busy. If you’re working in a small space, keep your desk small and streamlined too and ensure there is plenty of ‘negative space’ to prevent the room from feeling cramped and claustrophobic– neither of which are very conducive to productivity.”

04.Consider the psychology of colour

Entrepreneur.com offers advice and how-to guides for aspiring entrepreneurs. In her recent post on how to design the ideal home office, designer Jo Heinz considers the psychology of colour.

“Vibrant yellows and reds are a guaranteed distraction and although blue, greens and violets are great for bedrooms, they may lull you to sleep in the office. White and grey tones are neutral yet with warm overtones and promote concentration - ideal for the home office.”

05.Get creative with storage

The Fast Company blog shares posts on leadership ideas, investment opportunities and breaking industry news. In their recent post, marketing professional Michael Chauliac encourages us to get creative with storage!

“If you need book cases, get nice ones – big enough that you don’t overstuff and artful enough that they’ll look like a great backdrop in your video conferences.”

Go Scandic with modular storage shelves from Muuto or embrace the Mid Century charisma of the Gubi Grossman Desk 62-Series - complete with concealed filing drawers.

Home Office design ideas - muuto stacked shelves

06.Choose the right chair

The leading architecture and design publication, Architectural Digest is filled to the brim with daily design and architecture inspiration. AD blogger Anne Sage stresses the importance of choosing the right chair:

“An office chair is like a mattress: It’s one of those pieces where good design engineering is going to have a major benefit to your comfort and it’s absolutely worth spending money on.”

Look to the iconic aluminium chair series by Charles and Ray Eames – each chair swivels, tilts easily and provides the lumbar support you’ll need. With its ergonomic design this Mid Century marvel combines function and style for a timeless aesthetic in your home office scheme.

Home Office design ideas - design office chars

07.Keep your cables under control

Lifehacker brings together the very best writing talent from America and across the pond to help you solve, well, just about anything! A prudent problem-solver, tech-blogger Adam Dachis understands the frustration of cable management and the effects on productivity when things go wrong.

“Aside from aesthetic benefits, well-managed cables make it easier for you to make changes to your office further down the line. Make individual tags from ribbon or labels to identify cables quickly, this way you can connect, disconnect and move them without too much trouble.”

We love the Mid Century Modern profile of the Ercol Treviso Desk which features a cable-management recess – perfect for keeping those pesky cables under control!

Home Office design ideas - designer deks

08.Allow enough desk space

Doing exactly what they say on the tin, RoomSketcher help thousands of home owners, property experts and interior design professionals to unlock the potential of their interior spaces with the use of their online 3D CAD drawing tools.

Interior architect Frankie Elmquist reminds us of the importance of allowing enough desk space in your office design scheme:

“Ask yourself if you will be able to move easily from side to side, stand up and sit down. As a professional rule of thumb, allow at least 150cm in width and a depth of 210cm to ensure optimum comfort throughout the working day.”

Home Office design ideas - Gubi desk

09.Maintain focus with the correct lighting

Business.com are an inspirational hub of industry insight and knowledge to help your business grow. In her recent post, blogger Kerrie Kelly highlights the importance of selecting the correct lighting for your home office scheme:

"Layering ambient, task and accent lighting throughout the space will allow you to create serenity or focus.”

Stay alert and protect your eyes from strain with a glare-free architectural desk light to channel directed light where you need it most or, for dimly lit spaces, go all out with a statement pendant lamp from above.

Home Office design ideas- designer desk lighting

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