Five Stylish Storage Ideas

Prepare for a serious spring clean and clear the clutter from every room in the house with our top five stylish storage ideas.


Interior Design Ideas

01.Hard-working furnishings

To really maximise the space in our homes and create clutter-free interiors, we’re looking to hard-working furnishings that can do two jobs instead of one. The Sesamo Opening TV Stand from Pacini e Cappellini is the perfect example of a dual-purpose storage idea, housing handy wardrobe space or a fold out home office. The Eichholtz Lafayette Cabinet can also be put to double use as, thanks to its impressive stature, it works as a stylish room divider while housing all your bits and pieces.

Stylish Storage Ideas - pacini e cappellini Sesamo Tv Stand

02.Go high

No matter what size your home may be, we never seem to have quite enough space for everything and so a little creative thinking is required when it comes to storage ideas. Rather than taking up precious floor space with multiple shelving units, look to the sky and think tall when adding shelves and cabinets. Open shelving came into style again in 2014 and is set to stay put so consider ceiling height bookcases for an on-trend answer to your storage woes.

Stylish Storage Ideas - tall designer shelves

03.Clear the kitchen

If there is one room that we can always use more storage ideas, it’s the kitchen! From utensils and crockery to food and gadgets, there is plenty to be kept under wraps! Open-shelving also looks super stylish in the kitchen, creating a chic, laid-back feel so try decanting dried foods into storage jars and displaying them along with crockery and cutlery.

Stylish Storage Ideas - storage jars

04.Stylish stowaways

If your clutter seems to appear from nowhere, this lot will provide some stylish quick-fix storage ideas that will help you clear the decks in a flash! Perfect for kids’ toys, hobby materials or heaps of cushions and throws, we love our collections of chests and trunks for super swift and stylish storage.

Five Stylish Storage Ideas

05.Put it on display

Instead of hiding bits and pieces away, give them a style makeover and create a contemporary feature that brings character into your home. Clothing, books, shoes and glassware can all make gorgeous features so start experimenting with what you’ve got for a completely unique storage idea!

Five Stylish Storage Ideas