AW15 Winter Lighting Ideas

Discover the Houseology lighting ideas to create a warmly lit space for winter that will ensure your home feels stylish and inviting.


Interior Design Ideas

Your lighting scheme is always crucial but, as the nights begin to get darker, the lights that you have indoors are more important than ever for creating a space that is warm and inviting and will serve as a haven over the winter months.

Our designer lighting collection has been carefully curated by our team of Houseologists to ensure that creating the perfect scheme for your home is as simple and inspiring as possible. To make sure you have everything you need, our expert design team have teamed up with some of our favourite bloggers to bring you lighting tips to warm up your home through the colder seasons.

01.The hall

Although you might not spend a great deal of time in the hallway of your home, creating a designer lighting scheme that is inviting will ensure that your home instantly feels warm and welcoming. A large factor in how warm a lighting scheme feels is the colour of light bulbs used - LED bulbs are the primary type of bulb now used and these are available in a host of colour temperatures. Blue/white light feels colder so ensure you look for warm white bulbs instead. Vintage style filament bulbs (we love these ones from Eichholtz lighting) are also perfect for creating a cosy glow that is Chic and inviting and they work particularly well in light fittings with exposed bulbs.

Winter ighting ideas - Eichholt Zephyr Table Lamp

Katy of home and interiors blog Apartment Apothecary says, “As the evenings get longer, good lighting is more important so I never turn overhead lights on, but use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps instead. This keeps the light low, soft and cosy. You can set the lamps to turn on and off with timer switches, which takes less time than turning on each one individually.” Try setting the lighting in your hall to come on as you arrive home from work so that you are immediately welcomed in from the cold and the dark!

Winter lighting ideas - Heathfield & Co Flametta Smoke Blue Table Lamp

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02.The living room

The living room tends to become our sanctuary over the winter months as we spend more time indoors in the evenings and entertain from home rather than venture outside. With this in mind, your living room winter lighting scheme is crucial and although the temptation may be to create a softly lit space that is utterly relaxing, it’s also important to remain practical. Much time in the living room may be spent relaxing and watching television, however also consider other activities that take place. Do you read in a certain chair or do paperwork at a table? If so, it’s important to incorporate task lighting that will illuminate working spaces and prevent eye strain. The Eichholtz lighting collection offers a wide array of floor lamps that are perfect for highlighting specific spaces to ensure you strike the balance between ambience and functionality.

Winter lighting ideas - Lee Broom Decanterlight Chandelier Tweet: "In winter you should concentrate on warming and radiant light - consider changing some bulbs to ones that give off a softer, warmer glow.”

Amanda of lifestyle and interiors blog, The Ana Mum Diary, suggests, "When choosing lights, make sure that they are useful for the function of the room. In winter you should particularly concentrate on warming and radiant light - even consider changing some of your bulbs to ones that give off a softer, warmer glow. My favourite in winter is something twinkly as an accent, a modern chandelier would be perfect.” We love the new chandelier collection from design maestro, Lee Broom , the perfect designer lighting ideas!

For the ultimate inviting lighting effect for snug nights in, introduce candle light into your designer lighting scheme. Lanterns filled with pillar candles and clusters of dainty tea light holders are perfect for creating a stylish feature in your living room. “Well-placed candles are brilliant for extra lighting and added 'cosiness' in the lounge during the winter,” says Vicky of The Owl and The Accordion. “Everyone loves twinkling candlelight, and even better if it’s scented – look out for winter fragrances, from warming cinnamon and mulberry to more earthy wood smoke and pine scents.”

Winter lighting ideas - Designer candles and candle holders Tweet: “Everyone loves twinkling candlelight – look out for winter fragrances, from warming cinnamon and mulberry to more earthy pine scents.”

03.The bedroom

To ensure you get the best night’s sleep, your bedroom should be a tranquil space in which it’s easy to unwind and forget about the stresses of the day. A brighter overhead light may be necessary for getting ready and other tasks, however adding a floor lamp to you bedroom as well as your bedside lamps will allow you to create a gorgeous ambient lighting scheme. Alternatively, go for a soft glow with pretty garland lighting. Lottie, of lifestyle blog Oyster and Pearl says, “I'm a fan of fairy lights and candles throughout the darker months, not just at Christmas. I like the approach taken by the residents of my favourite cities - New York and Paris - who use fairy lights to decorate all year round. There's just something so warm and welcoming about little twinkly bulbs - just what's needed during winter.”

Winter lighting ideas - Cable and Cotton garland lighting Tweet: “Reading in bed is one of my favourite activities in winter, the best lighting solution is a swing arm wall sconce next to the bed."

For a sophisticated winter bedroom lighting scheme, consider creating symmetry on one wall with a pair of designer wall lights, we love our inspiring collection from Heathfield & Co. The Medina Wall Light is perfect for adding a touch of boutique hotel elegance and is a wonderful reading light. “Reading in bed curled up under a cosy blanket while listening to the pouring rain is one of my favourite pass time activities during the winter months,” Eleni from My Paradissi tells us. “I find that the best lighting solution for that is a swing arm wall sconce placed next to the bed. The source of light is adjustable to match your position plus leaves the nightstand top free to place other necessities like a clock, a glass of water or a vase with fresh flowers."

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