10 Tips for a Child-Safe Bedroom

Designing your children's bedrooms can be tricky to ensure it can grow with your child and is safe! Check out the Houseologyy tips for a child-safe bedroom...


Interior Design Ideas

However, it is also essential that your child’s bedroom is a safe space that can be enjoyed without risk of injury and so we have put together these top tips for child safe interior decorating…

01.Window Dressing

Curtain tie backs and blind cords or chains can present choking hazards and so it is important that these are out of reach of little hands. Child safe blinds are available and safety brackets can be added to ensure cords are safely stowed. Long curtains can also be seen as an exciting climbing opportunity so you may want to consider blinds or shorter window dressings. Also be sure to add safety catches to windows to restrict how far they can open.

02.Corner control

Pointed corners on furnishings can pose a hazard to little heads and so sharper edges should be concealed with edge and corner guards to reduce the risk of injury.

03.Safe haven

When buying baby furnishings, ensure that they meet the European Safety Standards. These are in place to ensure that items such as cots and changing tables are secure and of the optimum proportions that will keep your little one safe. Cots for example, should be 50cm deep from the mattress up and the bars should be placed between 2.5cm and 6.5cm apart to stop your baby’s head from becoming stuck.

04.Fix your furnishings

Freestanding furniture can be a potential danger, particularly if your little one likes to climb and explore! Pieces of furniture, especially large items such as chests of drawers and wardrobes, should be secured to the wall with safety straps or brackets – this will ensure that they can’t tip, giving you peace of mind.

child-safe bedroom ideas - designer kids furniture

05.Sleeping soundly

The location of your child’s bed or cot is also an important aspect to consider. Keep the bed away from radiators, windows and light fittings and any larger items that might be used to climb out. Avoid hanging heavy mirrors or frames above beds too as they can be easily pulled down. It’s also important to know when it’s time to upgrade your baby from a cot to a bed as cots can become climbing frames for your little one when they get too big! If the top of the railing sits below your child’s chest when he or she is standing up in the cot, it’s time to move to a toddler bed.

06.Guard duty

A few small safety additions can make a huge difference to how safe your child’s room is. Covers on electrical outlets, finger guards to prevent fingers being trapped and radiator covers to avoid burning or the controls being tampered with will all enhance the safety of your child’s bedroom.

07.Choking hazards

Smaller items can present choking hazards so ensure all guards and latches are securely fitted so they can't be pulled free. Certain fabrics can also pose a choking threat so avoid cushions, rugs or throws that cast fluff or have a particularly long pile.

child-safe bedroom - designer cots

08.Safe storage

Although storing items higher up can be a good tactic for keeping things out of harms reach, storing favourite toys or games on high shelves may prompt your children to try and climb to reach them, posing a danger. Instead keep items in toy boxes or drawer and cupboards (you can add childproof catches too) and ensure that any floating shelves are placed high enough on the wall so that they can’t be used to climb on.

09.Danger detectors

Smoke and CO2 detectors are crucial throughout your home and should also be present in your child’s bedroom to ensure you are immediately alerted in the event of a fire or gas leak.

10.Feature lighting

Fairy lights and chain lights create a beautiful warm glow that feels relaxing making them a popular choice for children’s bedrooms, however it is crucial that safety is considered. Low voltage LED fairy light bulbs are the safest option as they do not heat up meaning they are a much lower risk than small filament bulbs. It is also key to make sure that fairy lighting is securely fitted so that the ropes aren’t left hanging, causing a strangulation risk.

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