Five Steps to a Bedroom Refresh

Ensure your bedroom is a stylish haven in which you can relax with our Houseologists' top tips for a complete bedroom interior refresh.


Interior Design Ideas

01.Are you lying comfortably?

The correct mattress for you can be the foundation to a wonderful night’s sleep and exchanging yours could transform your bedroom and refresh your sleep. The type of mattress you choose is very personal as it should mould to your body and provide support as well. Lie flat on your mattress and slide your hand under the hollow of your back, there should only be a little bit of resistance. A large gap here means your bed may be too firm, with too much pressure on your shoulders and hips, while no gap at all could indicate the mattress is too soft.

Is is time?
The Sleep Council recommends that you replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years and so now might be the time to upgrade your shut-eye.

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02.Stylish snuggling

You may not usually give much thought to your duvet but a luxurious soft quilt could seriously upgrade the quality of your sleep as well as refresh your bedroom’s interior. Duvets come in range of fillings and which you prefer is totally up to you. Natural fillings such as feathers or down are super cosy but also prevent you from overheating by allowing your skin to breathe. We also love duvets like The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Duvet which are luxuriously soft and perfect for those with allergies.

Tag ratings
The tog rating indicates the warm air trapped by the duvet and so how warm it is to sleep under:
Summer - 3 - 4.5 tog
Winter 9 – 13.5 tog

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03.Refresh your pillow

Pillows have a fairly short life and The Sleep Council recommends replacing them every two to three years as they can become lumpy and unhygienic with continued use. Think about the position you sleep in when you are choosing pillows as this will impact on how much support you need in order to ensure your spine is properly aligned.

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04.A burst of freshness

Beautiful new bed linen is the ultimate bedroom interior refresh idea and can bring a whole new aspect to your room’s design scheme. Whether you prefer deep moody hues, pale pastels or crisp, clean white sheets, it is possibly to completely transform the mood of your bedroom and add a flush of vibrancy too. From elegant cotton to beautifully soft linen, new duvet covers and sheets not only look wonderful but feel fabulous too.

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05.The final touch

As with every space in the home, your bed can benefit from a little bit of stylish accessorising. When your bed is made, try adding two or three stylish cushions to the top of your pillows and fold a beautiful throw or bedspread at the bottom for a boost of colour and flurry of pattern and texture.

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