Beat the January Blues!

Invigorate your home for 2016 and beat the January blues with our top tips to making your home a more cheerful and uplifting space!


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After all the fun and excitement of the festive period, it is almost impossible not to succumb to a little bout of the January blues. From eating and drinking what you like and spending time with those you love to new year health kicks and a long countdown to the next holiday, it’s easy to feel a little glum at this time of year but we have teamed up with some of our favourite interior bloggers to bring you a whole host of decorating hints and ideas that are guaranteed to beat the January blues! Read on and feel inspired!

01.A lick of paint

Rachel of The Ordinary Lovely knows only too well how the sudden disappearance of festive sparkle can make interiors feel a tad gloomy. “Once the Christmas decorations have been packed away, I often mourn the lack of soft lighting and sparkle and my house tends to feel a little bare,” she tells us. “However now there is a nice opportunity to do a bit of housekeeping in preparation for the spring. Have a walk around your home and identify any areas, walls or doors that could perhaps do with a lick of paint or a bit of a tidy. With the weather being so dismal, it's the perfect time for a painting project in the warmth of your own home rather than venturing out into the cold.”

Beat the January Blues - Bluebellgray room

Tweet: January is the perfect time for a painting project, go round and identify the areas that need a lick of paint. this

02.Lighten up

Lighting has a huge impact on our mood, poorly lit spaces can feel depressing and gloomy while over-lit rooms are difficult to relax in. Reassessing your lighting scheme could help you bust those January blues and transform your interior spaces in an instant – you may not even need to purchase new pieces, simply rearranging existing table lamps and floor lamps can make a huge difference. Consider where you will need task lighting, such as where you read or work and build from there. You are aiming to create a space that is warm and welcoming, try a few combinations before you make any concrete decisions – illuminate dark corners with floor lamps and consider wall lamps for areas in need of permanent brightening such as at bed sides or over reading nooks.

Beat the January Blues - lighting ideas


Lins of Lazy Daisy Jones also has experience of the post-Christmas slump and is sharing three of her favourite energising interior tips with us. “January is a hard month for a colour lover like myself so I always use these three little tips to beat the January blues and get my house ready to welcome in the spring – and they don’t cost a thing:

  1. Over the years I have collected a jar of handles, hooks and door knobs. I use them to change the look of cupboards or drawers anytime I feel like it. No painting, no DIY, just pop on a new handle and stash the old one back in the jar for an instant overhaul.
  2. Flowers always brighten up a room and at this time of year I am displaying them in unusual, eye-catching vases to create a stylish feature.
  3. Visit your attic - I always find forgotten stools or mirrors there. Drag them down and perhaps use leftover paint from previous projects to smarten them up. Spray paints are my favourite tool for transforming everything!

Beat the January Blues - colourful vases

Flowers always brighten up a room and at this time of year I am displaying them in unusual, eye-catching vases to create a stylish feature. this

04.Beautiful Blooms

Stacey Corrin of Corrin Creative is letting nature inspire her January interior scheme, "By the time Christmas is over, I tend to really suffer from the dull greyness of the season and, without the festivities to distract me, I'm often left gloomier than usual. To combat this mood, I like to place freshly cut flowers in places that I'll see them the most. Not only do fresh flowers remind me that spring is just around the corner, they also really cheer up the home. Shades of yellow, pink and purple are especially cheery and, with the milder temperatures this winter, it's even easier to add the likes of daffodils to an arrangement. Now who can really resist a cheery daffodil?"

Beat the January Blues - flowers

Fresh flowers remind me that spring is just around the corner, they also really cheer up the home. this

Apartment Apothecary founder, Katy Orme, is also letting the natural world bring some new season cheer into her home. “After the glitz of Christmas has been packed away and the house guests have left, the house can feel a bit stagnant and bare in January - not helped by the darkness outside. Try moving your furniture around and away from the windows to allow as much light in as possible. Replace the tree and decorations with lots of plants to breathe a bit of life back into your interior space.”

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