A Guide to Luxe Interiors

Glamorous, opulent and fabulously inviting, Luxe interiors are timelessly stylish. Discover how to create the Houseology Luxe look in our interior design guide.


Interior Design Ideas

Whether you love the contemporary minimalism of Scandinavian style or luxurious materials and decadent detailing, the Houseology signature looks have been created to inspire and empower your design decisions.

The Luxe look is a modern take on luxury interior design and combines timelessly classic styles with the most beautiful materials and sophisticated detailing to create a look that exudes glamour. Although the Luxe look is undeniably opulent, it is never overstated and balance is created across the design elements to ensure Luxe interiors are fabulously refined as well as wonderfully comfortable.

01.The Palette

Although the Houseology Luxe look is a showstopper, when it comes to the colour palette, it is often simple and understated to allow other elements to take centre stage. Monochrome forms the perfect backdrop for the Luxe look with black, white and grey creating an elegant canvas on which to build the scheme however other statement shades can also be used. Deep reds, regal navy and rich plum shades are perfect for wintery Luxe schemes while sophisticated soft lilac hues and chalky blues create a sophisticated summer scheme.

Luxe Interiors - luxe colours

In order to keep your Luxe interior look current, try introducing a pop of on-trend colour as an accent. For example, for AW18, we’re incorporating teal and indigo hues through cushions and accessories, the perfect way to add a new season twist to your living room or bedroom.

02.The Textures and Materials

As well as the overall aesthetic, luxury interior design is defined by the materials that feature in the scheme. Rich fabrics that invite you to relax and enjoy the space and beautiful timbers, glass and metallic finishes underpin the Luxe interior look and work together to create a design aesthetic that exudes glamour and elegance.

Luxe interiors often have a slightly masculine tone owing to the classic furniture shapes and sophisticated colour schemes. Geometric shapes or prints and repeated patterns are also a key feature of the Houseology Luxe interior, creating a feel of elegant contemporaneity with clean lines that flow throughout the scheme. However, metallic finishes including brass, platinum and silver balance this masculine edge and ensure that the space is both opulent and inviting.

Luxe Interiors - luxe textures

From statement wall mirrors to stud detailing, crystal accents and metallic designer lighting, lustrous finishes are the ultimate luxury addition, bringing glamour and light into a space. For AW18, we’re incorporating beautiful brass cutlery and glassware with rose gold detailing, copper serving bowls and brass candlesticks to dining room looks to create spaces that are perfect for elegant entertaining.

Luxe Interiors - luxury cushions

The soft furnishings that are used in Luxe interiors are wonderfully sumptuous and opulent. Whether you’re transforming a living room, bedroom or hallway interior, the Luxe look incorporates the most beautiful wool rugs, cashmere upholstery and velvet accents for a scheme that is both fabulously comfortable as well as beautiful.

03.The Furniture

When creating Luxe interiors, statement furnishings are crucial. Sophisticated shapes and luxurious materials are the signature of luxury interior looks with design classics being paired with contemporary detailing and accents. From combining traditional button back armchairs with sleek metallic and smoked glass side tables to incorporating elegant chaise longue shapes with modern textile prints, the Luxe look requires a balance of timeless style and modern sophistication.

Luxe Interiors - furniture

Stylish symmetry is also an important element of the Luxe interior look as it creates harmony in the space and heightens the sophistication of the room. Position a pair of coffee tables with matching armchairs at each side of the room with a symmetrical cushion arrangement and corresponding table top accessories on surfaces to create a space that is pleasing to the eye and exudes a Luxe boutique hotel feel.

04.The Lighting

As well as creating the right balance of ambient and task lighting, Luxe interior lighting also makes a statement. Metallic finishes, crystal detailing and glamorous glass pendant lights and table lamps heighten the feeling of opulence and ensures your Luxe space is a showstopper. Chandelier lighting is the perfect final statement piece for a Luxe living room while elegant wall lights work beautifully in place of table lamps in a Luxe bedroom. Lighting can also be used to enhance the symmetry of a space, pairs of lamps on console or side tables create a layered ambience and introduce a stylish balance into the room.

Luxe Interiors - luxe lighting

The metallic elements of the Luxe interior look should also be considered when it comes to lighting a space as glass, chrome, brass and mirrored accents will bounce light and make it perform differently. Ensure any reflected light is not going to cause glare or be distracting to those sitting in the room.

05.The Accessories

The accessories in a Luxe interior enhance the scheme and highlight the most important aspects of the look, including the luxury materials and sophisticated aura at the heart of the Luxe interior aesthetic. Twinkling glass tea light holders, elegant lanterns and sumptuously soft cushions make for the perfect luxury finishing touches.

Luxe Interior accessories

Accessories are also the perfect way to introduce colour and texture accents into the Luxe look and change the seasonality of the scheme to work all year round. Summery saffron shades can be swapped for moodier teals in winter and light woollen throws exchanged for rich cashmeres to take the edge off chilly winter nights.

06.The Luxe collection

The Houseology Luxe look combines a whole range of different collections and in order to create a truly unique interior design aesthetic that is recognisable owing to the blend of characters and styles of the various brands that feature. For more Luxe interior inspiration, explore the Eichholtz, Tom Dixon and XVL collections.