7 Glamorous Bedroom Ideas

Turn your boudoir into a super stylish space in which to relax and unwind with the Houseology designers' top 7 glamorous bedroom ideas.


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As the nights get darker and the weather worsens, our bedrooms become even more important to us, providing cosy sanctuaries in which to hibernate until spring returns! With that in mind, our team of Houseologists have been hard at work putting together their top 7 glamorous bedroom ideas to give you all the interior inspiration you need to create a gorgeous haven that feels both luxurious and fabulously inviting.

01.The statement bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and so, to really transform the space and introduce a glamorous aspect, go for one that commands attention. Rich upholstery, curved edges and sophisticated frame shapes are perfect for elevating the opulence factor and beds made of materials such as high quality timber or with polished chrome finishes offer a gorgeous rich finish.

Eichholtz Ganesvoort Bed

For a glamorous bedroom idea without investing in a whole new bed, look for a high impact headboard instead to give an existing divan a stylish update. Dutch brand, Eichholtz, specialise in show stopping furnishings and the Shangri-La Headboard will transform your bedroom instantly.

02.The perfect palette

The colour scheme of your bedroom affects everything from how light the space feels to how well you can relax and slip into a slumber. For a classically glamorous scheme look to warm neutrals and cream shades for a sophisticated backdrop that allows you to add detail through accessories and upholstery.

Bedroom colour ideas

For a cooler scheme, consider neutrals with grey undertones instead, greys can feel sophisticated as well as stylish and work perfectly with metallic accents too. Grey tones also have a calming, tranquil feel that will ensure you get the peaceful night’s sleep you need, pair with silver accents and twinkling crystal lighting for a glamorous bedroom idea that will stay in style season after season.

03.The beautiful linens

When creating a glamorous bedroom, it’s important that it not only looks the part, but that it feels super luxurious too. To ensure your bedroom is fit for stylish slumbers, it’s worth investing in high quality bed linen that will last and feels wonderfully comfortable against your skin. Thread count is an important mark of quality when choosing bed linen, and in general, the higher the thread count the higher the quality. The thread count itself refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric – it applies to the warp and weft of the woven threads.

Linen is a wonderful option, ensuring you remain cool in summer and cosy in winter, however for ultimate glamour and decadence, look to [silk sheets. These do require extra care and attention, however the look and feel is incredibly luxurious and they can also help sensitive skin.

Luxury hotel bed linen

04.The luxe lighting

Bedroom lighting is about creating the perfect balance between ambient and task lighting. Use a combination of different styles of lighting to achieve the perfect atmosphere day and night. While the bedroom is a space in which low lighting works really well, it is also important that it is possible to adjust the lighting when required for getting ready or reading in bed. Adding a dimmer facility to overhead lighting can be a great solution and one of the Houseologists’ favourite glamorous bedroom ideas is to replace the existing pendant light with a luxurious chandelier. Metallic accents, crystal droplets and ornate shapes are the epitome of glamour or for a simpler take, look to a strikingly sculptural pendant.

Glamorous bedroom lighting

05.The stylish storage

When designing a bedroom interior scheme, it’s crucial to consider how much storage is required. This is important from a practical point of view but it also ensures that your finished design looks as you hoped without clutter getting in the way of the overall aesthetic. We often need additional space for clothing and textiles and so trunks and chests can be the perfect solution to ensure there are no bits and bobs getting in the way of your glamorous bedroom scheme. Looking for bedside tables that incorporate storage and beds with built-in storage will also help you to maximise your space and keep your look clear and clutter-free.

Trunk bedside tables

06.The floor finishing

Thick, luxurious carpeting is a glamorous bedroom idea that also provides warmth and softness to the space. However, rather than changing flooring through your bedroom – adding a designer rug to the space will still successfully enrich the room’s feel, providing luxurious texture and comfort underfoot. Deep pile rugs and super soft sheep skins are perfect for adding a splash of glamour and can be layered over wooden flooring or existing carpeting for a speedy, stylish update.

Luxury white rugs

07.The metallic accents

From gold and copper to elegant platinum, metallics are the ultimate glamorous interior accents. Accessories such as tea light holders, photo frames and lanterns are all perfect for adding a little sparkle and creating the Luxe look in your bedroom. To create a glamorous focal point, try creating a cluster of metallic pieces on a designer tray or go for a high drama piece with a metallic framed mirror or bedside tables with metallic accents to create a captivating focal point in the heart of your interior scheme. .

Metallic bedroom accessories

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