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Enhance your home's interior design by using colour and texture with our Houseologists' favourite designer rug ideas from our collections.


Interior Design Ideas

Choosing the correct designer rug for your room can be tricky with everything from the colour and pattern to what the rug is made of to consider. However, it is worth taking the time to think your rug ideas through fully as they are one of the most transformative accessories that can be added to a space, introducing colour, texture and pattern instantly.

Geometric patterned rugs can be used to great effect, bringing a feeling of depth and dimension as well as a striking focal point into the heart of your room. Eye-catching geometrics, such as chevron prints, draw the eye and add designer flair to your space while other geometric prints create contemporary optical illusions.

Geometric pattern rugs

Muted neutral hues are among the most popular rug ideas as these work with many schemes and add comfort and texture without detracting from the rest of the room’s design. A simple, natural hued rug is an ideal addition if the sofa and soft furnishings in the room are already highly patterned or if you prefer a pared-back colour scheme.

Designer rugs in shades of taupe, sand and grey are also a popular choice as they work well in areas that have a lot of traffic such as hallways and living rooms as the natural shades will generally wear well and will not show dirt in the way that cream or white rugs do.

Neutral rug ideas

For a bolder choice that will bring a burst of colour and a splash of seasonal style to your room’s interior, look out for rugs featuring beautiful floral prints. From modern petal prints to more delicate flower designs, florals bring a year-round dose of spring-like style that enlivens a space in an instant.

Rugs in bold colours are perfect for giving any room an instant lift. To introduce a dash of 2017's interior trends look to shades such as bold teal, indigo or Pantone's Colour of the Year, Greenery. Combine these punchy shades with a velvet finish for ultimate new season style.

Bluebellgray floral rugs

Bring a touch of eclectic style to your interior with a rug that breaks convention. Instead of classic rectangular rugs, look to circles, ovals or even hexagons for a scheme that is truly unique, we love Gandia Blasco's rug collection which is packed with pieces that are truly out of the ordinary.

Rug shapes - Gandia Blasco Rugs

As well as colour and patterns, the depth of a rug’s pile and the material it’s made of can bring a whole new dimension to your room’s interior. From luxurious wool piles that bring an opulent edge to an interior space to woven felts for a chic, rustic feel, different finishes can completely transform the overall aesthetic. Elegant leather rugs are perfect for an instant touch of modern glamour.

Leather rugs

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