21 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for the Deck & Garden

Inspirational outdoor fire pit ideas from our favourite design experts.


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The fire pit is making serious waves this summer and we have worked with some of our favourite interior and design bloggers to bring you our top 21 outdoor fire pit ideas! From ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space after the sun fades to creating an irresistibly ambient glow, the fire pit is the garden finishing touch of the season and you can incorporate one into your space, no matter your garden style!

01.Gas fire pit

1. Create harmony between your home and garden space by opting for outdoor lighting, accessories and fire pits that complement the architectural style of your home and the existing materials in your garden. For contemporary homes with minimalist lines and engineered finishes, look to fire pits with a sleek, modern shape and clean design.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - contemporary fire pit

2. Make your fire pit work harder and look to designs that are sunken into a table for a combined resting surface and warming glow. This design of fire pit is perfect for creating a cosy living room inspired space around and saves some space too.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - table fire pit

3.Try installing a stylish fire pit on your porch or veranda area to create a cosy inside/outside space. Incorporate soft uplighting, lanterns of candles and a bottle of your favourite red for a soothing space in which to relax and unwind.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - outdoor living room fire pit

02.Portable fire pit

4. “I love our fire pit, it's ideal for those chillier summer nights. We’re using ours already and have styled it up to sit near our new summerhouse, when the sun goes down we can light it, relax and watch the embers dancing. I’ve kept the seating fairly low, it makes it easier to toast marshmallows and warm your hands, we've got a few mismatched vintage stools that work perfectly.” Amanda, The Ana Mum Diary

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Skagerak Helios Firebowl

5.Upgrade your next camping trip with a stylish fire pit that can be easily transported. As well as giving your trip a glamping edge, the whole family are sure to love the cosy glow, warm ambience and marshmallow toasting opportunities!

Outdoor fire pit ideas- Skagerak Ignis Firebowl

6.“Fire pits are ideal for creating an al fresco lounge space– an extension of your home where you can relax and socialise. Much like indoor fireplaces, fire pits provide the perfect focal point for a sitting area, and they look fantastic surrounded by outdoor sofas or built-in bench seating topped with cushions. But if your budget or outdoor space won’t stretch to larger furniture, you can create a similar look and feel with floor cushions. There are lots of hardy, weatherproof options around and you can easily store them away in a shed or cupboard when not in use.” Abi, These Four Walls

Outdoor fire pit ideas - firebowl

7. “I love the idea of a fire pit as a stylish campfire, perfect for summer holiday fun. Imagine the kids, grubby after an energetic day outdoors, wrapped in blankets and warming themselves by a fire pit as the sun goes down. Adults chat close by, a glass of something cold in hand and that fuzzy glow of a good day showing in everyone's cheeks. Convivial and chic, a fire pit is the focal point for the evening's fun, and adds an air of excitement.” Lottie, Oyster and Pearl

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Skagerak Heliod firebowl

8. Warm up your next trip to the beach or make toasting marshmallows a more stylish event on your next camping trip with Garden Trading's Foscot Fire Pit. With study handles and a rustic raw steel finish, this summer essential works perfectly at home or away.

Garden Trading Foscot Fire Pit

03.Wood burning fire pit

9. Fire pits with built-in fuel storage are a stylish and practical additional to any outdoor space. As well as making it much easier to keep the fire glowing through the night, a built-in wood store creates a gorgeous fusion of rustic materials and modern finishes for an on-trend mixed materiality scheme.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Glammfire fire pits

10. "A fire pit can really add a touch of whimsical style to any size of garden. It's perfect for relaxing by after a long day. I love nothing more than snuggling up next to one on a garden love seat covered in cushions and blankets and whiling away the night in blissful comfort." Pamela, Life With Munchers

Outdoor fire pit ideas - round fire pit

11. "For outdoor parties that carry on once the summer sun has gone down, a fire pit is the ultimate focal point. Surround the garden with lanterns and festoon lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests while they cosy up and chat into the early hours." Caroline, Patchwork Harmony

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Ak47 Design Zero

12.Instead of a more traditional fire pit, go for a culinary twist with a statement designer barbecue instead. Charcoal or wood powered, this gorgeous Glammfire BBQ is perfect for whipping up an al fresco feast and the smoldering coals will warm your dinner guests throughout the evening.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Glammfire Intermezzo BBQ

13. “Fire pits often take centre stage in a garden or on a deck or patio, but they also work just as well in a more intimate setting. I love the idea of creating a secluded seating area in the garden with a fire pit at the heart of the space. Enclosing the space allows the firelight to work its magic on the surrounding plants, and creates the perfect cosy retreat for a summer evening. Natural materials such as ornamental grasses for privacy, wooden seating, and a stone fire pit will enhance the feeling of being surrounded by nature, and you can soften the look with cushions and throws in natural fabrics." Catherine, Growing Family

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Ak47 Fire Pits

14. “If you're installing a fire pit in your garden try zoning off a section especially for it. Whether you use piled up logs, potted plants, bricks or chairs the effect will be striking and will make for a cosy sense of togetherness around the fire. Just add a group of your favourite people!" Ruth at Gathered Cheer

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Ak47 Design Ercole Natural Fire pit

15. "Fire pits are such stunning additions to any garden and they deserve to be the main focus. Arrange other décor and garden furniture around them so as not to detract from their striking attributes, and let them set the tone for the rest of your outdoor space." Jen, Love Chic Living

Outdoor fire pit ideas - modern fire pit

16. “There’s nothing better on a chilly summers evening than cuddling up around a fire and relaxing in front of the soft glow and warmth of the flames. Think of your garden as an extension of your home. Some comfortable outdoor rattan sofas positioned around a fire pit will create an inviting space to sit back and unwind. Make the space even cosier by adding lanterns, cushions and throws to create a space that you can enjoy all summer long with friends and family.” Christine at Little House on the Corner

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Ak47 Design Zen Fire Pit

17. While a larger fire pit is perfect for making a statement in spacious gardens, smaller fire pits can create an equally high impact. Decking areas or patios are perfect for a smaller fire pit plus with smaller models there is the additional possibility of them being moved to other areas of your outdoor space according to the weather or occasion.

Outdoor fire pit ideas - Ak47 Design Mangiafuoco Fire Pit

18. “Fire pits evoke the romance of a campfire so I would gather lots of outdoor beanbags, oversized cushions and blankets to snuggle under as we chat away the summer evenings with friends and loved ones.” Elizabeth at Rosalilium

19. For a simple yet effective fire pit look, be inspired by flatter fire bowl styles that allow the flames to take centre stage for a dramatic outdoor look that adds warmth and movement to your outdoor space.

Extremis Qrater Fire Pit

20. Make your next outdoor dinner party sparkle with the ultimate outdoor cooking surface. The OFYR wood-burning fire bowl collection offers a stunning contemporary take on the fire pit with an elegant cooking plate edge that allows your to cook up a storm from your garden. Whether grilling steaks or slow cooking vegetables, this is the most stylish way to barbecue this summer!

OFYR Outdoor Fire pit with cooking plate

04.Charcoal burning fire pit

21. Eating al fresco is one of summer's greatest joys and a charcoal burning kadai style fire pit is perfect for both cooking on and creating a stylish centrepiece for friends and family to gather around.

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