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Be inspired by the history of DCW Editions La Lampe Gras collection - an iconic lighting range that revolutionised lighting desing in the early 20th century.


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Its ergonomic shape was originally designed with industrial use in mind but the striking simplicity and stylish practicality of the piece meant that it soon became popular in residential design too. The contemporary feel of the Gras lamp meant that it was far ahead of its time and a number of key architects and designers began championing Gras’ design.

DCW Editions - La Lampe Gras - Table lamp

Possibly one of the biggest and most notable fans of the Gras lamp was pioneering French architect, Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier had a passion for modern design and was known for his philosophy that furnishings and fittings should be free of unnecessary decoration. Instead, Le Corbusier believed that products should have perfect unity between form and function and his ideology of purity in design was supported by Bernard-Albin Gras’ simplistic but stylish shape.

DCW Editions - La Lampe Gras  - DCW No 205 Table Lamp

Le Corbusier’s love of the design meant that he began to feature the lamps in his own offices as well as frequently using the Gras lamp in his architectural projects. This exposure propelled the design into the spotlight all over the world and created an unbreakable link between modern architecture and this iconic design.

DCW Editions - La Lampe Gras - DCW No 230 Floor Lamp

The striking, industrial designs of the La Lampe Gras collection have also proved to be timeless and still have their place in both residential interiors and office spaces. Luxury Parisian homeware brand DCW éditions has further developed the collection to include an array of floor and wall lamps as well as outdoor lighting solutions to ensure this revolutionary design can still be introduced into every interior scheme.

DCW Editions - La Lampe Gras designer lighting collection