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Danish elegance and a sustainable approach to design are at the heart of every Skagerak indoor and outdoor furniture design. Read our guide and learn more about the Skagerak design philosophy…


Brands We Love

From classic shapes to elegant, contemporary styles, Skagerak, is invested in bringing beauty into every space. Whether you're furnishing a space indoors or out, the sophistication and warmth of Skagerak designs create a beautiful, Urban aesthetic which can be loved and lived-in for generations to come.

Skagerak Drachmann Bench


A family-owned company, Danish furniture icons Skagerak were first founded in 1976. With historical roots in Scandinavian geography and a design heritage of furniture traditions, the company moved into the field of luxury furniture design in 1982 with the launch of their iconic Skagerak Drachmann bench. This formed the benchmark for their signature Scandinavian furniture designs which are characterised by modern handcrafted wooden furniture designs with a functional and contemporary expression.

A passion for wood remains at the heart of every Skagerak design and through working with some of Scandinavia's most innovative new product designers, Skagerak are now internationally renowned for their selection of contemporary furniture products for indoor and outdoor spaces.

02.Design values

Open and honest, the Skagerak design philosophy is rooted in meaningful, functional and enduring product design. Skagerak CEO, Jesper Panduro explains, "Honest craftsmanship and the desire to create products that live for generations are core to the Skagerak business philosophy."

"Of course, aesthetic plays an important role too, from where we stand, good design remains functionally and visually interesting decade after decade. And, a bit like an old love, it remains unshaken despite the winds of change. We make genuine design, for that is what we know best."

Skagerak Do shelves

03.Sustainable solutions

Eco-friendly manufacturing techniques are at the heart of every Skagerak design. Skagerak products use only an exclusive blend of materials - predominately wood - to achieve their Scandinavian designs which place a firm emphasis on high quality and durability. Working with oak and teak since the 1980s, Skagerak hold the expertise to select only the best teak trees from their prestigious plantations in Indonesia, Central and South America and oak trees from slow-grown Croatian oak. Ensuring maximum life span with a minimum impact on the environment, Skagerak make every effort to use FSC-certified wood and are dedicated to continuously developing new productions methods and materials to ensure that Skagerak furniture remains beautiful year after year.

Panduro explains, "The difference between a piece of furniture which lasts for twenty years and one that lasts for two years is enormous as furniture life-span is of great importance to the environment. Thanks to our procurement process of raw materials with aesthetic longevity and carefully considered transportation and packaging methods, furniture from Skagerak is made to last and has much less of an impact on the environment than furniture that has to be replaced every few years."

Skagerak Regatta chair

04.Aesthetic appeal

Sustainable and simply Scandic, Skagerak products nod to the relaxed charm of Italian furniture design and the superior functionality of Scandinavian product design. Characterised by clean lines and warm and inviting aesthetic qualities, the Skagerak indoor and outdoor collections are designed to 'bring beauty into everyday life'. Each product is designed to 'age well and accumulate stories' as Skagerak believe that 'in our world, good stories and relationships are what matter most.'

Skagerak Gerog Console Table

05.Start your own Skagerak story

Above all, Skagerak products are designed to bring joy to your indoor and outdoor spaces. From the Nordic nostalgia of Skagerak's nautical-inspired Drachmann Bench to the Urban cool of the Georg Stool and Mirror collection, there's a piece of sustainable Skagerak for every style-conscious space.

• The Georg Stool - Decidedly minimalist with a confident Nordic expression, the multi-award winning Gerog Stool is heralded in the industry as one of Skagerak's most iconic designs, winning the Red Dot Product Design Award and German Design Award 2016. Designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom - alongside the Georg collection of tables, benches and mirrors - Georg features a pared back, oak wood design with simplistic tapered legs and a comfortable split cushion pad. Add to your hallway as a resting place by your console table or have on hand as an additional seating solution when hosting your next social soiree!

• The Riviera Lounger - Celebrating its 25 year anniversary, Povl Eskildsen's Riviera sunbed has remained a Skagerak style staple for over a quarter of a century. Sculpted with characteristic flat slats, Riviera is a multi-functional piece. Push together to form a flat surface perfect as an additional outdoor table option, slide apart to create a light and airy sun lounger or flip one side up to create a supportive summer seat for a lazy glass of Pimm's in the summer sun.

• Skagerak DO Shelf System - Contemporary with a decidedly Danish feel, this modular storage shelf system is the epitome of chic Scandinavian style. Four poles and six shelves create the perfect backdrop for your treasured belongings and also offer a calming and clean space to maintain the aesthetic of your minimalist design scheme. Make a statement by pairing alongside each other to create a striking room divider in your open-plan interior space.

Skagerak award winning designs

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