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Beginning in 2011, the NORR11 brand was founded in Berlin, however the collection’s design roots are embedded in the Danish design tradition placing an emphasis on clean lines, exquisite craftsmanship and an organic approach to materials and designs. Authenticity, simplicity, purity and practicality are all important concepts to NORR11 too and the brand seeks to, “innovate and rethink design classics in order to improve upon, and create truly iconic pieces that withstand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically.”

NORR11 is also concerned with opening up the world of design and ensuring that it is available to all. In order to do this, the collection has been structured to offer a variety of price points that are more accessible, “We believe in bringing aesthetically pleasing, functional, comfortable furniture to every home, not just the ones seen in magazines and publications.”

NORR11 Berlin showroom

01.The NORR11 designers

Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard are the designers behind the NORR11 collections and this duo have been collaborating since 2007. It is the blend of these designers’ individual interests and focuses that has created such an inspiring and exciting furniture and lighting collection.

Norwegian-born Knut comes from an architectural background and is particularly drawn to pure shapes without any unnecessary embellishments. This results in designs that are experienced in their rawest forms while still offering flawless functionality and optimum aesthetics.

Rune, who was born in Denmark in 1980 and has graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, has become known for seeking out new possibilities in design. This talent for innovation is combined with an incredible understanding of trends and shape and now forms Rune’s design signature.

As well as these traits, materiality is a crucial element in the design process for both Knut and Rune and there is keen focus on the use of honest, natural materials with specific properties and organic characteristics which lend themselves to every NORR11 design. This in-depth understanding of all the materials used results in the creation of products that offer practicality, simplicity and style without sacrificing comfort. This ethos clearly forms the backbone of the NORR11 collection with each piece achieving a perfect balance of these fundamental design aspects.

NORR11 Line Two Floor Lamp

02.The NORR11 influences

Although the NORR11 collection clearly has roots in the Mid Century Danish movement, there are other important influences from around the globe that are key to making this collection utterly unique.

Germany’s Bauhaus movement, with its lack of ornamentation and functional principles is evident throughout the NORR11 collection, particularly in the simple yet striking lighting collection. However, the designers behind the range all find inspiration from around the world as well as different eras including the Chinese Ming Dynasty and Rune’s particular interest in South-East Asia’s cabinetry tradition. The Asian roots of some of the materials used, such as suar wood, also feed into the overall aesthetic meaning that the collection is a multi-cultural fusion; from initial design to final manufacture.

NORR11 cloche lighting

03.The NORR11 designs

Timbers of all different varieties play a key role in the creation of the NORR11 collection. From the rusticity of the suar wood in the Rough Dining table to the sleek engineered finish of the oak NY11 Bar Chairs, each material has been carefully selected to ensure it looks beautiful and performs flawlessly.

The NY11 Chair is a tribute to the traditional school chair shape that was created in Denmark in the 1900s. The oak finish, clean lines and chic simplicity are clear nods to classic Scandinavian design and ensure that this piece will stand the test of time, slotting seamlessly into contemporary spaces for many generations to come.

The already-iconic Mammoth Chair also incorporates solid oak into its design and combines this natural material with a production method that involves using the same compression mould to produce both the chair’s seat and back. This ingenious simplification is utterly in-keeping with the NORR11 mindset and has resulted in a design that is instantly recognisable. This combined with luxurious upholstery has resulted in a piece that is both incredibly comfortable and endlessly stylish. Right now you could win a NORR11 Mammoth Chair on House to Home - don't miss out!

NORR11 chairs

In contrast to the NY11 and Mammoth Chairs, the NORR11 Rough Table offers a less traditional interpretation of Scandinavian design, instead drawing on some of the brand’s far-reaching global influences. Created from a single solid piece of suar wood, the Rough Table is a stunning statement piece that is an undeniable heirloom of the future.

Owing to the interlocking grain of the suar wood, the Rough Table is incredibly robust and durable and is far less likely to split or crack compared to many other wood types. This striking grain, organic shape of the wood and the lengthy drying process that the Rough Table goes through results in a distinctively unique design every time. This individuality means that each piece is much more than simply a functioning piece of furniture - it is an iconic artwork that plays a crucial role in your home’s interior. This table is a wonderful embodiment of the NORR11 brand philosophy; combining an unrivalled understanding of the raw materials involved in the production with finest Asian craftsmanship to create something truly remarkable that will be cherished forever.

NORR11 dining table

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