Essential Christmas Kitchenware

From roasting potatoes to grilling sausages in bacon - the Christmas dinner demands a lot out of your kitchen - check out our guide to the essential Christmas kitchenware.


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If you have ever hosted Christmas dinner for your friends and family, you will appreciate that creating this all-important meal is no mean feat! From the lengthy turkey roasting to agonising over creating the perfect gravy and cooking four different types of potato to ensure that everyone is happy… there is a lot to think about! To keep things running smoothly in the kitchen, take a peek at our essential Christmas kitchenware guide, packed with everything you’ll need to make creating the crucial Christmas dinner a breeze – good luck!

Christmas kitchenware

01.Keep it clean

No matter how experienced or meticulous you are in the kitchen, when it comes to Christmas dinner you can expect at least a degree of mess! From cranberry sauce to chocolatey desserts, keep your clothing safe from kitchen splashes with a stylish apron. We love the festive vibes of the Lexington Holiday Striped Apron – pair with matching oven gloves for extra Christmas style points!

Now is also a good time to stock up on tea towels as there are sure to be plenty of dishes and possibly a spillage or two! Look for linens in accent colours that will look beautiful when draped over the oven handle or hanging on a hook.

Christmas kitchenware - kitchen linen

02.Bowls and bakeware

With lots going on in the kitchen, you may not have time to wash up in between which may mean that you need to add a few pieces of Christmas kitchenware to make life easier. A set of bowls can be hugely helpful for whipping up dressing, sauces and mixtures and the enamel finish makes them sturdy enough to handle even the most chaotic of kitchens!

A couple of additional smaller baking or roasting dishes are also especially useful. Look for sizes that will allow you to place more than one on your oven shelves to save a little extra time. A good quality casserole dish is also an essential piece of kitchenware at this time of year – perfect for slow cooking and ideal for soups and hearty one pot dishes that everyone craves over the winter months.

Christmas kitchenware - bakeware and bowls

03.The core utensils

Taking a look at your utensils and deciding if you need any replacements will be well worth it come Christmas Day especially when you discover that you only have one wooden spoon but require four for all that’s happening on the hob! Ensure that you have the utensil basics covered including chopping boards, spoons, spatulas, peelers and a set of good quality sharp knives - give yours a sharpen if they lacking a little to keep everything moving and stress free on Christmas Day.

There are also a couple of additional utensils that you perhaps don’t use as often that will be hugely helpful on Christmas Day. The value of a kitchen timer is not to be underestimated when you have a turkey, potatoes, vegetables, a variety of sauces, dessert and sausages in bacon all bubbling and roasting away at the same time. Spend some time planning out your cooking schedule before you begin to ensure everything comes together and set your timer so nothing slips your mind. A set of measuring spoons or cups are also super-helpful when you’re busy in the kitchen, removing the need for spending time with scales and various spoon sizes.

Christmas kitchenware - essential utensils

04.The all-important roast

Whether you’re having traditional turkey or an alternative dish, a roast often forms the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner and so it’s crucial to make sure you have a roasting dish that fits. As well as being large enough to hold your turkey, the dish needs to fit inside your oven – check the dimensions before you purchase as this is not the kind of detail you want to discover on Christmas morning!

Christmas kitchenware - roasting dish

05.Pans of every size

You may think that you have plenty of saucepans, however unless you are used to cooking for large numbers, it might be worth taking another look to make sure that your pans are large enough for Christmas quantities. Your favourite pan might be perfect for making mashed potatoes for two, but when the full family is waiting at the table it might not quite cut the mustard. Plan your menu and consider how many pots and pans you will need for the different aspects of the meal to decide if you need additional Christmas kitchenware. High quality pans will also save you time in the long run, preventing food from sticking to the base and ensuring even heat distribution. For more on choosing cookware, check out our buying guide.

Christmas kitchenware - designer pots and pans

06.Time savers

As the classic Christmas dinner is made up of so many components, anything that will save a little time is going to be a huge help to you and so it might be worth investing in a couple of handy appliances. The Bugatti Eva Hand Blender is a wonderful kitchen helper for soups, sauces and dips while the Bodum Bistro Electric Hand Mixer works wonders on cream, potatoes and cake mix – more time for present opening!

Christmas kitchenware - designer kitchen appliances