Top Christmas Dinner Table Setting Ideas

The Houseologists bring you the perfect Christmas dinner table setting ideas this festive season - guaranteed to impress your guests!


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Cooking the Christmas meal can be an all-consuming process but creating a beautiful space in which to enjoy it can be just as important! To make sure your festive season runs smoothly, we have pulled together our top Christmas dinner table setting ideas to ensure your friends and family a very merry and stylish festive season indeed!

01.Choose a Christmas table scheme

Deciding on a few key design elements will bring your table together and ensure it has a professional finish. Think about a colour palette that you would like to feature or textures that you would like to include. Would you like to incorporate elegant linens and crystal glassware or more rustic textures such as soft cotton, wood and stoneware? If you are in need of some inspiration to help with this head to Instagram or Pinterest for fabulous festive ideas, some of our favourite interior design Pinterest and Instagram accounts are packed with exciting ideas!

Christmas dinner table setting ideas

02.Lay the foundations

Depending on the surface of your dining table, you may be able to create a gorgeous Christmas dinner table setting without adding any table linen. A weathered timber table top is perfect for Chic, rustic schemes that incorporate layers of natural materials while a glass top table lends itself to more a luxurious scheme. Smooth engineered finishes such as the linoleum of the Normann Copenhagen Form Table are perfect for clean, are perfect for clean Scandinavian schemes.

In order to create a more sophisticated dining room look, dress the table with a luxurious tablecloth and runner. Remember to consider the drop you would like on each edge of your cloth when you are ordering it to ensure that you order a cloth of the right dimensions.

Christmas dinner table setting - table cloths

03.Create place settings

For special occasions, try adding a few additional details to your place settings. Incorporating a tree decoration or a piece of seasonal greenery will lift the setting and allow you to tie your whole Christmas decorating scheme together. To add height and dimension to the place settings, try layering the crockery so that your guests have all the pieces they will need in front of them and you can simply take away the top piece after each course. For a more formal Christmas dinner table setting consider adding place names to each setting too.

Christmas place settings

04.Choose crockery

Before you choose your Christmas crockery, ensure that it is going to work for your purposes. As well as fitting with your table scheme, it is important to check if it is possible to put your chosen crockery in the dishwasher, microwave or oven if this is something you are planning on. Hand wash only crockery might not be practical if you are going to be serving dinner for 20 people!

When choosing crockery for your Christmas meal, consider the texture of the glaze and finish as this will impact on the overall feel of the table too. It’s also worth considering if you plan to use this tableware all year round or if you are going to reserve it for occasions; simpler white crockery is always useful while the Wedgwood Arris collection is perfect for adding serious seasonal glamour to the table.

Gold christmas crockery

05.Glamorous glassware

Glassware requires a little extra thought at Christmas time, especially if you are planning to serve multiple different drinks at the table. From champagne or prosecco to red and white wine, soft drinks and liqueur, take a good look at your proposed menu and double check that you have the appropriate glassware to match.

To save space on the table, consider a bar trolley nearby so that you can store glassware, decanters and ice without making the space feel cluttered. Bar trolleys have made a serious comeback and are wonderful for adding old world glamour to the celebration.

Christmas glassware

06.Luxury Linens

As we have mentioned, a tablecloth can add restaurant-inspired sophistication to the table but other linens are also key to creating an elegant dining table finish. As with crockery, think about the materials of your tablecloth, napkins, placemats and runners as this can transform the final look. Soft linen and cotton pieces are great all-rounders and also wear well, meaning they can be used year after year.

If you are looking for table linen that is useful all year round, clean white is perfect. However, this season we are also looking to soft neutral shades and geometric patterns for a modern twist on Christmas dining - we adore the collection from Murmur for a clean, contemporary scheme.

designer table linen for christmas

07.Stylish centrepiece

Decorations ensure that the Christmas table stands out from other table settings and a table centre is the perfect final flourish. Try displaying tree decorations in an elegant vase or get creative by filling a champagne bucket with candles and succulent plants. For a simple yet effective table centre, pull together a collection of candlesticks and holders of different heights and arrange them in the middle of your table. Brass, gold and copper finishes create an undeniably festive look, while rustic lanterns and wooden candlesticks are a gorgeous Chic alternative.

Christmas dinner table centrepieces