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We chat to Lori Taylor Arnold, founder of interior and lifestyle blog, Wild and Grizzly to find out more about her style and inspirations.


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With everything from interior design tips to hotel reviews and child-friendly recipes, Wild & Grizzly is one of our favourite online destinations! We grab a chat with founder Lori Taylor Arnold to discover more about her design passions and top styling tips…

Q: Tell us a little bit about Wild & Grizzly:

A: Wild & Grizzly is a UK lifestyle blog, where Mama meets cool for lovers of design, travel, style and interiors, while exploring the wilds of motherhood.

Q: What made you decide to begin Wild & Grizzly?

A: I started blogging when my son was around two, I had come out of the baby fog and felt I needed a space to be creative, to write and document ideas. Over the course of the years I have slowly evolved and changed in the way I write. Even now I can feel a new part of me coming forward, wanting to explore a more creative side and there’s some very exciting things happening behind the scenes which I hope to share in 2016!

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Q: Where do you think your passion for design comes from?

A: As a child I was always creative and would spend hours drawing, painting and creating and, when I wasn’t doing that, I was outdoors playing with friends on the beach or hills where I grew up. Although we’ve always had different tastes, I think my Mam’s love for interiors made me take notice of my surroundings and it grew from there really. I’ve always been interested in the creative process and I studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design, going onto to work in various creative roles such as prop stylist for fashion magazines, creative PR for Arts publishing and marketing for Arts organisations. As I’ve grown older, my appreciation and love for design has evolved and made me eager to learn, see and experience more.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration when you are creating blog posts?

A: Everywhere and anywhere: from Pinterest to websites or films and the magazines I like, even on a walk or visit to a coffee shop, I always try to notice all the details around me and ideas tend to grow from that.

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Q: Can you describe your own home?

A: At the moment we live in a two bedroom rented Georgian property with lots of natural light which I love. Unfortunately I’m not fully able to embrace my style due to restrictions with the flat. Where possible I’ve created a Scandinavian style with neutral tones with pops of soft colours to warm the rooms, apart from my five year old’s room where I’ve tried to channel his energy and make a playful creative space.

Q: Is your interior style mirrored in other areas of your life?

A: I’ve always had a passion for beautiful and stylish products and I resolutely believe using items you love can bring you joy. So I tend to use things that are purposeful and beautifully designed, whether it’s a pen from HAY or cool notebooks. Even clothes, jewellery and my son’s books are picked with love and these passions in mind.

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Q: Can you give us your top home styling tips?

Use picture shelves rather than hanging them straight on the wall - this way you can mix up your prints to suit your mood and save your wall from filler.
Want to shake up your room without changing your furniture? Why not change your colour palette and use throws, cushions and lamp shades to create pops of colour and illuminating focal points in your room.
Create atmosphere using lighting in your home. Soft warm lights can create a cosy feel so use floor lights to create purposeful areas like an intimate reading nook or use low hanging lighting over a dining table to create impact. If you want to stick with just your ceiling light, then why not choose a dramatic pendant light or change your bulb to a lower wattage to create different atmospheres.
If your home is low on natural light, stick with neutral walls and use mirrors to reflect the light from your windows. They look great on a wall and you could use a few indoor hanging planters to bring some greenery inside, adding a touch of nature to your interior, which is known to improve air quality and general wellbeing.
If you fancy something a bit different on your walls but are too nervous for an all-out colour feature wall or wallpaper, try a wall decal. There are so many to choose from online and they’re really simple to apply and easy to remove. Alternatively use decorative patterned washi tape to create graphic patterns.
Use table trays to display your knick-knacks. By having a few items placed on a tray they are contained, creating a tidy minimal feel while still being out on display and are easy to move around when the mood suits.

Q: Which of the Houseology looks are you and why?

A: I tend to find that I don’t fit one particular style but I would say that Urban most definitely appeals to my aesthetic tastes. I’ve always been drawn to beautifully designed products, with a nod to the Mid Century design talents such as Charles and Ray Eames and elements of the Bauhaus movement. For me the lines and form of the product itself creates the beauty and adds an almost architecturally artistic quality to the home.

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Although this is probably my favourite style, I do like to be flexible in my approach to interiors and combine aesthetics, allowing me to appreciate various trends that come and go, and refresh my space with the changing seasons.