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We speak to Amanda Cottingham of The Ana Mum Diary about her style inspirations and why she decided to begin her own online space.


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From travel and family to food, fashion and, of course, interior design, The Ana Mum Diary is a lifestyle blog filled with inspiration, clever ideas and stylish tips! We chat to blog founder Amanda about why she decided to take her style online.

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Q: Tell us a little bit about The Ana Mum Diary:

It’s a lifestyle blog primarily which features mostly interiors and travel. I often get called ANA, but in actual fact I chose that name as it’s the initials of my family, who I see as the team behind The Ana Mum Diary.

Q: What made you decide to begin The Ana Mum Diary?

I was already active on social media, especially Twitter, but felt constrained by how much I could write. I’ve always loved being creative, and blogging seemed like a great way to express myself.

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Q: Have your tastes and styles changed since you began your blog?

My interior style is always changing, just when I think I am all about vintage, I’ll surprise myself and fall in love with something very modern.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration when creating blog posts?

I try to work to a plan, every Sunday evening I sit down and work out what I need to cover. Often that changes and I can lose myself on the glory that is Pinterest for hours! I buy interiors magazines, read other blogs and often get sent press releases and all of those things offer me inspiration.

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Q: Have you ever had any interior design disasters?

This is the third house we’ve owned and each one has changed completely over time. I find it impossible not to put my stamp on a home, and I find making the changes so rewarding.

In my first house (a long, long time ago), I thought yellow and red would be a great idea for an “out there” hallway colour scheme. Needless to say it really wasn’t – I’m cringing at the thought of it!

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Q: Can you describe your own home?

I live in a detached, four bedroom house which is around 20 years old, I really needed convincing to buy it, as I couldn’t see past all of the ugliness and clutter. We knocked through our dining room and kitchen so now it’s one large space, which works brilliantly. My favourite room though is my en-suite which we completed over a year ago. I think the only thing left to do now is the hallway floor - I have it planned in the next couple of weeks!

Q: Can you give us your top five home styling tips?
  1. Take your time – don’t rush into decisions.
  2. If you love it, buy it!
  3. Pinterest is your friend.
  4. Check out charity shops and junk shops for a truly individual style.
  5. Don’t be afraid of colour - just perhaps not yellow and red together…
Q: Which of the Houseology looks are you and why?

I am most definitely a mix of all of them, I think my interior soul was born for Chic, as I got older, and maybe wiser, I became more Luxe and since blogging I can totally dig the Urban style in my home too!