Blogger interview: Stylonylon

An exclusive interview with Julia of super-stylish interior, lifestyle and fashion blog, Stylonylon.


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Stylonylon with its laid-back, chic feel and combination of interior, fashion and photographic inspiration has been one of our favourite blogs for some time. Founder, Julia's stunning photography and keen eye for style makes Stylonylon endlessly inspiring and we were thrilled to catch up with her to discuss her blogging roots.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Stylonylon:

A: I started Stylonylon while on maternity leave. It was pure indulgence – somewhere to indulge my love of clothes and my burgeoning interest in photography.

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Q:What made you decide to begin Stylonylon?

A: It was a way to retain my sense of self as I was about to enter motherhood!

Q: Have your tastes and styles changed since you began your blog?

A: Yes, definitely! I’m a lot more pared down and minimal now. And better (I hope!) at choosing clothes which are classic pieces that will endure and which suit me better!

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Q: Where do you look for inspiration for creating blog posts?

A: My everyday life, magazines, friends or things I’ve seen in a shop. It’s kind of crazy but your entire life can become inspiration for you blog!

Q: Have you ever had any interior design disasters?

A: Not so much disasters, although I have made a few bad style choices. I realise now I’m much happier in light, white environments with bursts of colour in the accessories. Whereas before, I didn’t give it much thought, always accepting hand-me-downs, often in dark colours, which never made me happy!

Stylonylon - Andrew Martin rebel sofa

Q: Can you describe your own home?

A: It’s coming together! We moved into a new house a few months ago. While my husband has been building a garden studio, each room has undergone its own journey of upheaval and then finalisation. White furniture and linen, Moroccan rugs and pops of colour have been my guiding principles!

Q: Is your interior style mirrored in other areas of your life?

A: I think it is now. That’s all down to my blog and how I’ve developed an appreciation and understanding of what looks good visually. I must admit, I do think in photographs quite a lot, which is how I’ve put our new house together!

Stylonylon interview - home office inspiration

Q: Can you give us your top five home styling tips?
  1. Get rid of clutter as much as you can, Marie Kondo style.
  2. Choose a default colour so that when you’re buying miscellaneous things like bathmats, side plates, storage and so on, you know what colour to go for.
  3. When styling a room, choose the key pieces that everything is going to work around – for me, it’s been rugs and sofas.
  4. Don’t do everything at once. You need to get a feel for how a room is going to be. Let it evolve slowly; we’re only putting up pictures now! Invest (one piece at a time!) in bed linen and towels. They can be hugely expensive, but they do elevate your space to the next level.
Q: Which of the Houseology looks are you and why?

A: I think I’m a mix of Chic and Urban!