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Louise Downing of interior inspiration site Spotdeco gives her top picks from Houseology and her wintery design tips.


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Choosing interior pieces can be a tricky process as Spotdeco founder, Louise Downing, knows only too well! Realising that others must also find creating harmonious schemes tricky, Louise founded Spotdeco in order to help others pull together looks and designs for their home interiors without the headache. We chat to her about her design loves and her top Houseology picks...

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Q: How did you begin Spotdeco?

Spotdeco was born out of my complete inability to match-and-pair – I struggle to match tops and trousers, let alone paint colours and fabrics. I was so awful at visualising how items can work together that I’d often lift an entire look out of a photo and try to mimic it. I founded Spotdeco to help other creatively clueless people like me by providing snapshots and products from the less ‘obvious’ brands and featuring blogs with lots of related items linked to them. This way readers can quickly see how to pull a look together, using items from across different brands. (You’ll notice keywords at the end of each blog that readers can type into the search).

Q: Where does your love for interior design come from?

My anti-social nature – I’ll always opt for a large glass of red from the comfort of my own sofa than a noisy bar! I also adore cooking for friends and family, and that goes hand-in-hand with creating inviting spaces but it’s only more recently that my relationship with my home has deepened. Working three jobs for many months left me looking to home as my salvation and that led me to see it in a different light and consider the small changes I could make that would have a big impact on my wellbeing.

Q: How do you go about choosing pieces for your own home?

Oh there’s still much grief and angst! I’m extremely visual, so if I want to recreate a look, I need to see it, then have someone show me the items that match it, and this is where Spotdeco is really helping. Other than that, there’s little logic to my buying. Enhancing my wellbeing through nurturing my space is a priority, so I invest a lot in items that lift my mood and add comfort and indulgence. I also collect treasures from my travels – my boyfriend and I went to India last year and came back with a gorgeous copper incense burner.

Spotdeco - Houseology Chic Bedroom

Q: Do you have a favourite colour palette or textures that you like to work with when you are decorating?

My house is currently a mish-mash of spots, cupcakes and hearts! I’m a higgledy-piggledy person with no set ‘style’, so I change my mind a lot and need a blank canvas that allows me to easily mix things up – so my walls are understated in tones of white and cream. In the winter, I weave in deep, rich reds and golds to warm spaces up and in the summer I opt for anything vibrant, bright and colourful.

Q: Do you have a favourite Houseology collection - would you say you are Chic, Luxe or Urban?

I’m passionate about wildlife and nature, so the earthy feel of the Chic collection is by far my favourite. I’m also an escapist and this look takes my mind to a log cabin tucked into a snowy mountain! I’m loving its striking raw elegance with the dark leather sofas and chunky knits - it’s rustic and natural, but inviting and warming too.

Spotdeco - Houseology Chic living room look

Q: How will you be preparing your home for winter?

For survival – lots of bottles of red wine, it’s the only thing that makes January and February bearable! Seriously though, I try to embrace winter by making my home wonderfully warm and cosy with a full carafe of wine, hundreds of tea lights and cosy throws and cushions.

Q: Do you have a favourite interior blog that always inspires you?

My favourite blogs have always been the Get The Look sections on retailers websites, as I can instantly see what I need to evoke a certain feel. I also recently stumbled upon Flat15 - it has great photos of interiors from around the world, which I really love.

Louise’s AW15 Houseology edit

Below are my favourite pieces for creating a warm and inviting home, with a sprinkling of festive magic.

Spotdeco - Top Houseology picks