My Paradissi Interview

We speak to the super stylish Eleni Psyllaki of Greek interior design blog, My Paradissi, about how her online designer space began.


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Filled with beautiful interior inspiration, straight from architect and interior designer, Eleni Psyllaki, My Paradissi is a haven of inspirational style ideas. We catch up with Eleni for an insight into the beginnings of this wonderful blog…

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Q: Tell us a little bit about My Paradissi:

My Paradissi is a blog mainly about interior design and style, where I share my tips on decorating along with beautiful interiors, shopping ideas, moodboards and DIY ideas. I often love to deviate though, and post about my homeland, Crete, and other places I have visited in Greece.  

Q: What made you decide to begin My Paradissi?

I needed a creative outlet after I had quit my desk job as an architect in Athens and returned to my hometown, Heraklion, in pursuit of a new life and career. At first it was a fun hobby, a place to experiment and connect with other like-minded people but soon it became something more than that; a full time job and a dearest passion.

My Paradissi - Murmur blue bed linen

Q: Have your tastes and styles changed since you began your blog?

Yes, they have changed a lot in the six years since My Paradissi began. When I read the posts I created during the first year of blogging I really can’t believe I was actually fond of the things I posted! I do remember I was very passionate and positive about each and every single image I used but after many years of long hours searching, collecting and designing spaces, I’m finally closer to my own personal style.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration for creating blog posts?

It’s not a matter of where, but when inspiration happens. I’ve come to terms with the idea that inspiration comes in waves and it can come from just about anywhere. When I feel creative, I can find inspiration wherever I look; online, my favorite blogs, Pinterest and Tumblr are definitely safe places to start. Demanding customers are also a great inspiration source as they challenge me to come up with new ideas for their needs.   My Paradissi - cushions and throws

Q: Have you ever had any interior design disasters?

Yes I did, when I was younger and, thankfully, in my first apartment – painting my small home office a burnt orange and having all my furniture in dark wood was too heavy and blah to let me be creative and thrive in there.

Q: Can you describe your own home?

I’ve just moved into my new apartment and I’m decorating it to create a simple and casual sanctuary for me and my family. I’m inspired by the simplicity and straightforwardness of Scandinavian design so I’m picking all white for the walls and adding elements of black, white, grey and walnut through the furniture and accessories. I love my apartment’s inherited properties, like the terrazzo floors, the considerably high ceilings and the radiator piping that add a vintage vibe to the whole space.  

Q: Is your interior style mirrored in other areas of your life?

Yes, how can it not be? I’ve come to love simple design, free of clutter and unnecessary belongings, in neutral and black and white hues. My outfits tend to have the same fate. It’s funny that you ask, I just realised that my wardrobe now consists of mostly black, white and grey shirts and sweaters, jeans and black pants and is definitely much smaller than it used to be.

 My Paradissi Interview - dining room ideas  

Q: Can you give us your top five home styling tips?
  1. Proper lighting is the most important design accent in one space. Utilise various sources of light below eye level (table, floor lamps and sconces) for a cosy result.

2.Decorate in layers. There is no need to just go and buy all the room accents at once. The style of a space comes through living in it day after day.

3.Avoid being too matchy-matchy with textiles and finishes. Different patterns on fabrics add interest and so do various wood and metal finishes.

4.Play with scale. An unexpectedly large piece of art, for example, or an oversized accessory gives a designer look to the space.

5.Use rugs. They are undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to define an area and add warmth and texture to a room.

Q: Which of the Houseology looks are you and why?

I think I’m mostly into the Urban look. I love its masculine and Scandinavian vibe. I really dig, however, the cosiness of the Chic look and the modern glamour and elegance of the Luxe look.