How To: Style Your Bathroom

Bring some interior design flair to your bathroom for a fabulous spa-like experience everyday with the Houseology guide to styling your bathroom.


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The modern bathroom is so much more than just a space to bathe – it’s a place to retreat from the world, relax and pamper ourselves.

Your bathroom is one of the rare places where you can lock the door and enjoy a moment of calm and privacy in your home, so it’s important to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The right styling will help transform your space into a stylish sanctuary. Today we’re sharing the tricks the professionals use to create luxurious and welcoming bathrooms that are as stylish as they are functional.

01.The basics

1. Consider your lifestyle
The best bathrooms are both stylish and functional. Consider your lifestyle now and what your biggest concerns are with the space as it is today. If your bathroom is cold, luxurious bathmats and thick towels to envelope you when you step out of the shower or bath will be a top priority. If your sink is constantly cluttered with your lotions and potions, you may need to consider finding a way to organise your products and put your favourite items on display. Let your lifestyle guide you and give you clues about how to create a successful space which really accommodates to your needs.

2. Think about your style
The furnishings and accessories you use will bring your style to life - choose pieces that will complement the bathroom as it is now and bring a new dimension to the space.

Industrial style bathroom

  • For a Chic look consider the design of your bathroom suite and the colour of your fittings. The essence of Chic styling is understated style in a palette of warm neutrals with accent wooden finishes. Think natural finishes for a Chic bathroom: combine wood, slate, stone and aged materials with lots of richly textured towels.
  • For a Luxe look, go for leather accessories or high quality stainless steel or chrome. Keep your fittings concealed to keep the style sleek and clutter free. Dark wood and leather will add opulent accents to your scheme and marble, high gloss and glass finishes will channel a touch of elegance in this look.
  • The Urban look is all about adding a contemporary twist. Clean architectural lines in a monochrome palette characterise an Urban bathroom. High gloss finishes in black or white complemented with a pop of contrasting colour work well with this style. Choose bathroom accessories in soft pastels to create a playful Scandinavian vibe. Mix and match pieces in classic colourways to take on a more eclectic and spontaneous feel.

3. Add texture
Texture is the professional designer’s secret weapon when it comes to creating a sophisticated look. Introduce texture into your room through fabrics, colours, wall coverings, furniture finishes and flooring too.

02.The layout

Choose a bathroom layout that works with the way you live – if you love to reach for a magazine in the bath, storing them outside the room makes little sense for you. Put the things you need within easy reach so that your bathroom looks stylish and to ensure everything is exactly where you need it to be.

1. Towel rail
If you don’t have a heated towel rail, make sure you include a solution to hang and dry your towels. A free-standing towel rail is great if you have additional floor space and can be positioned near the bath or shower for a stylish look that is both unique and minimal. A towel rail in wood or stainless steel on the other hand is a great way to add a stylish touch to your sink or shower area and save on space too.

2. Small fittings
Match your small fittings with your accessories and larger fixtures to help bring your style together. The toilet brush, toilet roll holder, hooks, waste bin and bath-bridge will all subtly reinforce your bathroom styling. Create a uniform look by using subtle repetition through style, finish, materials and shape.
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3. Cabinet
A cabinet is a great opportunity to store your personal belongings and keep your bathroom clutter free. A medicine cabinet or revolving mirror is both stylish and practical – you can use it to get ready for the day ahead and it will keep all your favourite products close to hand.

4. Storage unit
Shelves or an open storage unit will make sure there’s a home for all your lotions and potions. A unit or chest of drawers is useful for creating a sleek, streamlined look, while a caddy or rack makes it easy to incorporate your favourite bottles and jars into the décor of the room and put them on display.

03.The finishing touches

The finishing touches are what will really bring your room together – look to your accessories and soft furnishings to add a new dimension to your space and create a room that relaxes you from the moment you walk in.
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1. Accessories
There’s no quicker way to transform your bathroom styling than through the accessories you use. Your soap dish, soap dispenser, tumblers, and toothbrush holder are all an opportunity to inject colour or add another level of detailing to your space. Think about the other materials that are already present in your bathroom and select accessories that will pair nicely and complement the rest of the room.

2. Candles
No bathroom is complete without the soft flickering light and warm glow of a candle. Candles create atmosphere around the bath and bring a subtle, relaxing scent to your bathroom. A small tea light or votive in the guest bathroom will also help guests to quickly find the light switch.

3. Bath linen
There’s no better feeling than wrapping yourself in a soft, warm towel after a hot shower or bath. You can turn your daily shower or bath into a decadent experience and add a touch of spa style to your bathroom by simply choosing the right bath linens. Pick out a few accent colours for your towels, bathrobes and bathmats and choose soft, luxurious finishes like thick Egyptian cotton – that way your bath linens will be as pleasing to the eye as they are soft to the touch.

Bathroom styling