How to: Style Cushions and Throws

Introduce texture, style and luxurious comfort to your interior with the Houseology guide to styling cushions and throws in your home.


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Cushions and throws are great multitaskers; they can bring personality to your room, pull a design scheme together and provide extra warmth and support for your cosiest living spaces.

Incorporating cushions and throws is a wonderful way to bring texture, colour and a luxurious edge to an interior scheme and our team of Houseologists have put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect soft furnishings for your space.

How To style cushions and throws

01.The basics

01.Consider the seasons
As soft furnishings can be changed with relative ease, they are perfect for updating your space quickly. Think about how you can use your cushions and throws to reflect the changing seasons – light coloured cushions and soft linen throws are perfect for spring and can be replaced with warmer colours and textured materials in the autumn and winter. Little changes like this help keep your room and design concept fresh and current year after year.

02. Think about texture
Texture is the professional designer’s secret weapon when it comes to creating a sophisticated look, particularly when creating cosy, relaxing interiors. The different fabrics and finishes of your cushions and throws add depth and visual weight to a scheme. Add wool to your upholstery and blend it with silk curtains and cashmere throws, or cable knit and faux fur cushions in complementary tones – together, these elements can transform your space into a stylish, welcoming interior.

How To style cushions and throws

03. Add a splash of colour
Cushions and throws are an excellent way of introducing a splash of colour to your room’s design scheme, particularly if your palette is based mostly on neutral tones. Soft accessories are perfect for experimenting with colour palettes too as, unlike large furnishings, they are easy to change if you tire of the bright colours.

04. Go for patterns
Introducing pattern and geometric prints is a simple way to add impact to your sofa or bed and create visual interest in a room that features blocks of colour or a neutral scheme. Monochromatic graphics, bright florals, subtle stripes or photographic printscan all add a new dimension to your design scheme.

How To style cushions and throws

05. Consider size and shape
The size and shape of your cushions and throws will also impact on the overall look of your interior space. Large oversized cushions make for gorgeous floor cushions while a cluster of round cushions can create a feeling of softness on beds or armchairs with clean lines. For a more uniform look, choose one or two shapes of cushion and create two symmetrical displays on either end of your sofa. For a more relaxed, eclectic feel, use an odd number of cushions in different shapes and sizes.

06. Think about fabrics
The textiles you choose for your cushions and throws should bring your design scheme to life. Fabrics like velvet and silk look gorgeous in a classic Luxe setting, while linen and chunky knitted throws help reinforce a relaxed Chic theme. Choose fabrics that are soft, warm and feel wonderful against the skin to ensure that your cushions and throws add a practicality as well as style to your room.

How To style cushions and throws

02.Accessorising room by room

Living room
Cushions and throws work well in a living room and help make your space feel inviting and relaxed. Rather than matching the cushions to your sofa, choose a colour that complements other elements in your living room to create better harmony and rhythm in the space. Use a blend of materials and textures to create interest and variety but ensure that these work with other aspects of your design scheme for an elegant design flow.

Nothing makes a bedroom look more cosy, warm and inviting than a stylish bed. Layer pillows and cushions to give your bed a boutique hotel feel that is utterly irresistible. Oversized pillows are perfect for resting against if you’re sitting up to read or watch television, while a smaller cushions can be used to rest a book or laptop on for ultimate comfort. Fold a designer throw at the foot of your bed to add more texture to the design scheme; choose something soft and comfortable that feels wonderful wrapped around you on cooler nights.

Cinema room
Cinema rooms are all about curling up in front of a great movie, so keep this space well stocked with plenty of soft and comfortable cushions and throws. Cushions of different sizes can add extra comfort and support on the sofa, while layering different textured throws make sure there’s always something cosy to snuggle up under.

How To style cushions and throws

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