How to: Add Home Finishing Touches

When it comes to interiors, the details are key to bringing the look together, find out more in the Houseology how to guide for adding home finishing touches.


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Accessories are the finishing touches that complete your room and complement your design scheme. From well-chosen wall art to designer cushions and throws, it’s these finishing touches that help bring your interior together and make your home personal as well as stylish.

To help you get started, our design team have put together the tricks the professionals use to add that final flourish and add the perfect finishing touches to your home interior.

01.Interior design basics for your home

• Consider style
Consider the style and theme of the room and choose your accessories accordingly. Keep your room’s style firmly in mind when choosing accessories and don’t start shopping until you have settled on the more permanent aspects of your design.

Home Finishing Touches

• Reflect your personality
The finishing touches are a chance for you to really show your personality at home. Choose pieces that are meaningful to you and reflect the way you live. Let your choice of accessories tell a story about who you are, whether an avid reader, quirky collector or passionate world traveller.

• Create groupings
Small, singular objects can disappear or look out of place in a room when displayed on their own. Grouping a few items together will add weight and impact to your accessories – stagger the heights of your accessories on a bookshelf or create symmetry with your wall hangings. Follow the rule of three; odd numbers of recurring fixtures tend to look more natural and effortless when incorporated into your design scheme.

Home Finishing Touches - Lene Bjerre accessories

• Consider texture
Texture creates instant visual interest in your design scheme; use different fabrics and finishes throughout your soft furnishings to add dimension and give your room an instant lift.

• Change with the seasons
Changing your accessories throughout the year is one of the simplest and most cost effective strategies for keeping your design scheme fresh. Introduce rich, deep colours, spiced scented candles and a touch of sparkle to usher in the festive period, or lighten up your space with a fresh room scent, linen cushions and soft blue accents to bring in the feeling of spring.

02.Finishing touches for every room

• The bedroom
Your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home. Luxury scented candles bring a calming fragrance into your room, while soft cashmere throws and fluffy cushions can help make your bed cosy, welcoming and warm.

Home Finishing Touches - bedroom accessories

• The bathroom
Your bathroom accessories should be practical and decorative. If your room lacks colour, use your bath linens, shower curtain and small storage solutions to add new interest to the space. You can ensure the scheme all comes together by using subtle repetition through colours, shapes, materials and finishes.

• The living room
The living room is traditionally the room where we host guests, and for most families the living room today is also at the heart of family living. Choose a mix of accessories here to add the finishing touches to your room; small storage solutions will help keep your space comfortable while a rug will help to create a stylish furniture grouping and help make the space feel cosy. Decorative book ends, ornaments and vases give you a chance to show off your most prized possessions and showcase your personality and stacking books on shelving or side tables will create interest and visual height.

• The kitchen
The accessories and finishing touches you choose will make your kitchen a pleasure to cook in. Start with a practical list of what you need and look for interesting accessories and fixtures that meet your requirements and enhance your design scheme. Bright kitchen accessories and statement furnishings in every colour of the rainbow are perfect for injecting some fun and frivolity into your kitchen. For a more subtle contrast, display striking copper pots and decanting dried foods into stylish glass jars to create the ultimate atmosphere for the sophisticated home chef.

Home Finishing Touches - kitchen accessories

• The dining room
Use accessories to create an intimate dining environment for your family and friends. Designer barware, flickering candles, statement centrepieces and serving dishes add visual weight to your dining room. Choose materials that fit the style of the room to create a space that feels balanced and harmonious.

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