How To: Design a Stylish Bed

A good night's sleep is crucial so make sure you get yours by transforming your bed into a beautiful stylish haven with the Houseology how to guide.


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The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and will enhance the décor of your room as it creates the ultimate setting for a stylish night’s sleep. The quality of the materials and fabrics you envelope yourself in can make or break the quality of the sleep you achieve. And the manner in which you dress your bed can make or break a stylish bedroom interior. So how do you get it right?

To get you started, our team of Houseologists have put together the tricks the professionals use to create stylish beds time and time again.

01.The basics

1. Find a great mattress
Nothing can make or break a good night’s sleep like a great mattress, so it’s worth investing in one you love. The right mattress should mould to your body while still providing support – too firm, and there will be pressure on your shoulders and hips. Too soft and you could end up with pain in your lower back. A good mattress will last you up to a decade, so invest as much as you can afford and take the time to find the right one.

2. Choose high quality bedding
Choose high quality materials for your duvet and pillows – your duvet should be warm and welcoming while your pillows should provide the right amount of support for your head and neck while still feeling soft and comfortable to sink into. A mattress topper and pillow protectors will help to keep your bed clean and hygienic and add an extra layer of padding to bring a sumptuous, sanctuary feel to your bed.

3. Pick a colour palette
Choosing a colour palette will help you to better understand your style and make sure all the elements come together in your design. Look around your bedroom and use this as your inspiration – are there accent colours you can use or complementary colours that will keep your bed design in harmony with the rest of the space? Try one of our signature styles for inspiration.

The Chic look
The Chic look is based on a simple yet elegant palette of natural, earthy tones and clean whites with colour being added through bold accents which vary according to the season.

The Luxe look
For a Luxe look, choose a rich yet gentle palette of dove greys and soft lilac alongside classic black and white accents.

The Urban look
The Urban look is all about contemporary styles, clean lines and monochromatic elements with a flash of colour – pastels are a great way to add colour to your bed while still keeping a relaxed vibe.

4. Try layering
Mixing and layering different textures and patterns helps to add depth and interest to your bed design. Inject different styles by experimenting with different colours of checks or breaking up the palette with soft stripes in complementary tones. Mixing textured bedspreads with crisp cotton sheets is a key way to add style to your bed.

Design a stylish bed - Houseology bedroom styles

02.The layout

Whatever style you choose, the essential features you need to create your stylish bed are as follows:

Your headboard is one of the most prominent features in your room and will set the tone for your bed styling. If you are choosing a statement headboard, decide whether you want it to be wall mounted or freestanding as part of the bed frame. Think about how the colours and materials you choose will reinforce your room’s styling. A cashmere button back headboard is perfect for a Luxe look, while a wooden headboard with stylish lines will create a classically Chic look.

The quality of linen you wrap yourself in is essential to a restful night’s sleep and an indulgence you can enjoy every morning when you wake up. Think about quality of materials as much as style and finish here – silk, linen and Egyptian cotton all feel wonderful against the body. For your bed you will need a fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases – white linens will create a blank canvas, while choosing one or two different colours add contrast to your bed’s styling.

When you are comfortable and at the right temperature you will benefit from the precious hours of restorative sleep your body needs to function at its best throughout the day. Consider alternating between a heavier winter duvet and a lighter one during the summer for a comfortable bed all year round. Feather duvets are among the highest quality you can buy, while synthetic fillings are great for allergy sufferers.

Your pillows serve an important purpose on your bed – not only do they provide support for your head and neck while you sleep, but also create interest and impact on your bed when it’s not in use. Create a stylish bed by varying the size and shape of your pillows in a layered effect. Large square pillows should sit flush to the headboard layered next to one or two sets of standard pillowcases. Mix and match different styles in the same tones and add a variety of textures to create a warm and inviting bed.

Design a stylish bed - luxury bedding

03.The finishing touches

The finishing touches add that final flourish to your bedroom and bring the whole design together. Don’t forget to include:

Cushions and throws
A mixture of cushions and throws in different materials, finishes and colours completes your stylish bed design and injects more depth to your overall scheme. This is an easy way to change your bed with the seasons or add some bold styling to your bed.

Candles beside the bed are warm, welcoming and romantic – stylish scented candles will add the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom, reinvigorating your space with their refreshing aroma. Choose scents you love to make you feel calm and relaxed as you settle down for a gentle night’s sleep.

Design a stylish bed - bedroom accessories