How To: Choose Candles & Room Fragrance

Discover how to transform your home into a fragrant oasis with beautiful scented candles, diffusers and room sprays in this helpful Houseology how to guide.


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Nothing lifts the spirits or creates an ambience quite like a beautifully scented candle. Scent surrounds us and transports us to other places and has the power to inspire and relax us as it alters our perception of the room.

Scent is one of our most powerful senses – a whiff of perfume can remind us of a loved one or a special memory and room fragrance is no different. Whether your goal is to make your room feel bigger and brighter or intimate and cosy, we’re sharing the tricks the professionals use to choose stunning home fragrances to reinvigorate your space and bring it to life.

01.The basics

01.Think about your space
Think about how fragrances will affect your space – candles may work in some rooms but present a safety hazard in another. A diffuser is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh scent and can be used as a decorative touch in your front hallway. Flickering candles on the other hand are a great way to add a little extra warmth and atmosphere to your living room or dining room, so think about the space and what you want to achieve before you pick out the scents that will work best.

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02. Know what you like
Scent is incredibly personal; our scent preferences are based on a huge number of subconscious factors that we don’t necessarily even realise. The right scent has the power to conjure memories, alter your mood and calm your mind. The first step, then, is to understand what you like and seek out scents that appeal to you. Start by identifying the fragrance families you enjoy most:

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03. Consider mood & season
Scents create atmosphere and will help you to transition your space from season to season. For example, light, fresh and citrus scents are perfect for spring and summer, while spicy and green scents emanate a festive feel during winter. You can use scents to calm or revitalise your sense of self, create a romantic atmosphere or reinforce a relaxed mood. Many candles and room fragrances are labelled not just by scent but by effect, so it’s worth considering what kind of mood you want to create with your fragrance choices as well.

02.The Essentials

Next, consider the different varieties of room fragrance and how you can use them around the home. The main varieties are:

Candles add warmth and atmosphere and come in dozens of shapes and sizes, perfect for any space. Choose high quality candles that will burn evenly and not break or leak over your furniture.

Diffusers work by dipping reed sticks into a pot or jar of scented oil. Open channels that run the length of the reed suck the oil upwards and naturally disperse it around the room. These are perfect for rooms where you want a constant, light fragrance and need to leave your space unattended. They also work particularly well in the summer when you want scent without the added heat candles bring.

Air fresheners
Plug in air fresheners are the most discrete way to add a fresh scent to your room. They are safe and release fragrance into the room in timed bursts, offering a continuous scent that’s affordable and easy to replace.

Room sprays
Room sprays deliver an instant hit of fragrance to your home. They are perfect for freshening up a room and can be used to add scent to furniture or artificial floral arrangements too.

03.Finishing touches

Candles and reed diffusers are as decorative as they are practical and are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your interior.

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Candles holders
Candle holders bring a dramatic flare to your dining table and will help to recreate a classic, romantic style. Choose a striking candelabra as a statement piece or use a small votive with sand to create a Chic beach theme. Consider how the shapes and materials you use can reinforce your room’s design – sparkling metallic candle holders are great for a Luxe look, while contemporary shapes and monochromatic colours will keep your space feeling fresh, vibrant and Urban.

A lantern is an easy way to extend your interior style outdoors – a lantern on the floor by the fireplace is an easy way to make it safe to burn a candle on the ground and will also add a bit of rustic chic to your space. Lanterns arranged along the patio on the other hand will make your outdoor space feel elegant and sophisticated. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create an eclectic look which nods to subtle luxury.