Chapter Nine: Accessorising

Ensure your interior look has a professional feel and exudes your personality with Chapter Nine of the Houseology Design School, focusing on home accessorising.


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The final step in any design scheme is those all-important finishing touches. Every room benefits from stylish accessorising and these are the final details that will help bring the room together and make your home feel loved and lived in as well as creating the finish of a professionally designed room.

In this chapter we’ll help you get to grips with accessorising your space and share the tips our design team use to complete an interior and create fabulous standout spaces.

Chapter 9: Accessorising

01.The basics

All too often, accessories are a fleeting afterthought – and while it makes sense to pick out your furnishings and complete any renovations first, building some budget in for accessories at the beginning will help ensure your project is planned properly.

Once all the larger elements in your room design are complete – furniture, paint and wallpaper, lighting, flooring, and any built-in fixtures – take a step back and look at your space. Notice if there are any practical problems your finishing touches could solve – for example a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, a bowl for your keys in the hallway or a wicker basket for magazines in the living room.

Try and identify anything that might be missing – do shelves feel bare or walls look empty? This is a great place to start for your finishing touches and will help ensure any accessories you choose enhance the space rather than take away from it.

02.Subtle repetition

Subtle repetition of shapes, colours and materials is a simple strategy to make sure all your small furnishings work together in your space. Choose colours and finishes that match your design style and accent your colour palette; for example, chrome finishes in a Luxe scheme, colourful accents for an Urban design scheme and organic finishes for a Chic scheme.

Chapter 9: Accessorising

Choosing a theme or era is another simple strategy to help subtly style your accessories and enhance your room – travel and nautical theme or antique glassware are just a few examples of how you can create uniformity in your space.


How you arrange and group your accessories and other finishing touches will also have an impact on the finished look. Arrange objects and stagger groupings of similar items by arranging them in different heights and weights. Items in odd numbers tend to look more natural to the eye.

Chapter 9: Accessorising

Mixing in a variety of items on your bookshelf will add more interest than an uninterrupted line of books – try alternating how books are stacked by placing them horizontally and vertically or create a more formal, Luxe look by using decorative bookends to visually break up the space.

04.Consider layering

Layering soft furnishings can help create a sense of luxury in an instant – what could be more welcoming than a beautifully made bed with additional cushions and a big, soft blanket?

Chapter 9: Accessorising

Layering soft furnishings will not only help create comfortable, cosy spaces throughout your home, but will also add interest to your design. Consider how mixing different combinations of colour, texture and pattern throughout your soft furnishings can create impact, both bold and subtle.

05.Add texture

Your accessories and soft furnishings are another opportunity to add texture to your design scheme and give your room additional depth. In beautiful interior design photos texture is almost always evident, even if we have never set foot in the space – this is because texture helps to add dimension to a room. Think about the fabrics and textiles in your soft furnishings and how you can use them to make your room come alive.

Chapter 9: Accessorising

06.Changing with the seasons

The wonderful thing about accessories is that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to rotate and change. Unlike furniture, lighting fixtures and flooring that we tend to only change during a major renovation, your accessories are simple to change over time.

Updating your accessories to suit the seasons is a great way to update your room design without making major investment – it can be as simple as switching to soft flannel bedding for winter or adding a fresh flower arrangement to your table in spring.

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