Buying Guide: Wallpaper

From durability to moisture resistance, there is a lot to think about when choosing wallpaper - get it right with the Houseology wallpaper buying guide.


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Wallpaper creates an illusion and adds personality and style to a room. Thanks to advances in digital printing, when it comes to wallpaper the only limit is your imagination! You can use it to create drama with bold and graphic prints, or create a plush, comforting space with soft patterns and luxurious finishes.

One of the best advantages of wallpaper is that it can quickly add character to your space and bring different styles to life. If you have a room with no architectural features, wall coverings will add texture and depth to provide visual interest.

wood effect wallpaper

Wallpapers are a relatively quick way to add impact to a room without incurring the expense of replacing furniture and provide a wonderful array of textures and materials to suit all tastes and budgets. Adding wallpaper can capture the essence of a refresh without the expense – for example, hanging wallpaper in a small closet, toilet or entryway can make neglected spaces more exciting.

Think of wallpaper not just as a tool to cover your walls, but also as a piece of artwork in your home. Wallpaper can give the illusion of a busy bookshelf or an exposed brick wall or can even add a completely new element to the room. Trompe l'oeil wallpapers use clever tricks of perspective to add depth and incredibly realistic new features.

wallpaper buying guide - patterned

It’s not simply about design, either. You can also use wallpaper to solve a number of common problems in your room, particularly if other restrictions, like space or budget, prevent you from making other changes.

Lining paper for example is a great way to hide any imperfections in the wall and give the appearance of a smooth, even finish before hanging wallpaper. It can also help minimise joints, though if you’re using darker wallpaper, you may want to consider asking your decorator to chalk the wall underneath in the same colour to help hide unsightly joints as well.

Like clever use of paint colours, wallpaper can also help maximise the natural light in your space. Metallic wallpapers add a touch of glamour and elegance and can reflect light around your space to make it feel effortlessly brighter.

wallpaper buying guide - elitis wallpaper

01.Types of wallpaper

What the wallpaper is made of is also something that must be taken into account when you are choosing the right wallcovering for your room. The wallpaper’s material will impact, not only on its appearance, but on its durability too and so it is crucial to choose the right materials for the space you are decorating.

Uncoated wallpapers can be used in spaces in which there is less activity but are less durable than their coated counterparts.

Solid vinyl
Solid vinyl wallpaper is perfect for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as it is resistant to moisture as well as easy to clean and hard-wearing.

Paper backed vinyl
Paper backed vinyl wallpapers are very durable with the decorative side being resistant to moisture and staining.

Coated vinyl
Vinyl coated wallpapers, are made of paper but are given a vinyl coating to increase their durability meaning that they can be wiped down without tearing and so can be used in areas in which there is activity.

Fabric backed vinyl
Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper is extremely hard-wearing and can also be used on imperfect surfaces as it will hide flaws and rougher surfaces. The durability of fabric backed vinyl wallpapers make this perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Coated fabric
Coated fabric wallpapers – in which the fabric provides the decorative surface – are wonderful for adding a feeling of texture or dimension. However, unlike the vinyl wallpapers, this doesn’t cope well with moisture and so are best reserved for dry areas.

Non-woven wallpapers are a relatively new advancement and, as they are both durable and easy to remove, they are a popular alternative to vinyl.

02.Wallpaper finishes

Consider how you can use different wallpapers to evoke the right style in your home. Monochrome prints for example feel timeless and stylish, while textured wallpapers add richness and sophistication to your space. Using large, bold graphics can help shrink a large space and make it feel more intimate while flock wallpapers instantly evoke a feeling of grandeur and class.

Wallpapers with texture such as flock, embossing or blown vinyl, bring an added depth to a room’s design and makes the perfect backdrop upon which to layer your interior.

When introducing pattern to a room, it’s important to consider the room’s scale first. Lower ceilings work best with small scale pattern where as higher ceilings can take the bolder, bigger patterns.

The bold, graphic designs instantly transform the look and feel of a room to create an immediate wow effect.

Animal & tribal print
Nothing adds a touch of luxury quite like animal print wallpaper. Feature on a key wall or recess to keep the look sophisticated.

wallpaper buying guide - patterned wallpaper

03.Wallpaper calculator

A standard wallpaper roll is 10.05m by 52cm but this can vary according the brand and the pattern that features on the paper. It is also possible to buy extra wide papers which provide additional coverage.

In order to ensure that you order the correct amount of wallpaper, you can calculate the amount you need using our wallpaper calculator. Remember to add a little extra paper for any trimming or errors and always bear the pattern repeat in mind to ensure you get the right sizing too.