Normann Copenhagen Form Barstool review

An in depth review of Houseology bestseller, the Normann Copenhagen Form Barstool by The Ordinary Lovely.


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Please note that since this review, there have been some adjustments to the design of the Normann Copenhagen Form Barstool.

From dimensions to materials, discover more details and information on the Normann Copenhagen Form Barstool in this in-depth review of one of our favourite bestsellers, from Rachel of gorgeous interior blog, The Ordinary Lovely.

Rachel chose the slightly smaller 65cm barstool and selected the beautiful oak finish and grey seat. Please note that this is an honest review and all of the opinions below are Rachel's own.


Despite the Houseology website stating that there would be approximately a six week lead time for the barstool, it actually arrived a couple of weeks after the order was placed. Delivery within the UK is free for orders over £50, using professional courier companies. My barstool was delivered by DPD and arrived a day after it had been dispatched. I wasn’t able to specify a delivery date or time but I was able to easily track my order via the Houseology website to find out when my order had dispatched and gather a rough idea of when the stool was due to arrive.

02.Unboxing & packaging

The barstool arrived well packaged in a single box weighing 5kg and measuring 85cm x 45cm x 45cm. The box was well sealed and marked with fragile. I was quite surprised to see the fragile sticker as it’s something I normally associate with lighting or ceramics but it was nice to think that extra care had been taken with the stool. The stool itself was inside a polythene bag and the box had been filled with inflatable packaging to keep the stool from moving around and getting damaged.

Normann Copenhagen Form Bar Stool packaging

03.Ease of assembly

Absolutely no assembly was needed. One of the key features of the Form Barstool is the seamless joining of the seat to the legs so all that I needed to do prior to using it was remove the Normann Copenhagen label. The label simply details the measurements of the stool (H: 77cm, L: 40.8cm, D: 42.2cm) and the material (Seat: Plastic, Legs: Oak).

04.Colour, materials & dimensions

The Form Barstool has a very elegant look to it, entirely in keeping with Normann Copenhagen’s focus on innovative, original and timeless design. The stool’s legs are made of oak and the seat is made of plastic. The total height of the stool is 77cm but the seat is 65cm high, 40.8cm wide and 42.2cm deep. I chose a grey seat but it’s available in five alternative colours: black, green, blue, red and white. There is also a slightly higher version with a total height of 87cm and a seat height of 75cm.

Normann Copenhagen Form Bar Stool dimensions

05.Value for money

At £179.90, the Normann Copenhagen Form Barstool is not one of the cheapest on the market, especially if you factor in that you’ll probably need at least two, possibly four. However, for the cool design and for the quality of the materials and the build, I’d say that the barstool is absolutely worth the price. It’s unlikely to be a style that will go out of fashion and would work in many a kitchen or open-plan living space for a number of years.


The barstool is exceptionally sturdy. I have two young children who have battled to sit on the stool, climbed up the frame and launched themselves from the seat. It has been pushed and pulled and hasn’t yet murmured or creaked. It has definitely been designed to be a well-used piece of furniture and is in no way a case of style over substance.

Normann Copenhagen grey and oak Form barstool

07.Distinguishing features

What sets the Form Barstool apart is its innovative and iconic design. The joints are seamless and the quality is outstanding. You can see the attention to detail that has gone into making it a product that will stand the test of time. And from a parent’s perspective, the rubber pads on the bottom of each leg are a much-welcomed feature to reduce any potential scraping noise when moving the stool around the kitchen.

Normann Copenhagen form barstool details


The barstool is very practical. In terms of determining this, I was concerned with three things:

Comfort: The stool had to be comfortable when sitting upon it for up to an hour.

Weight: The stool had to be light enough in weight for my children to be able to move it and sit on it.

Wipe clean: The stool had to be easily cleaned.

It met all three of my requirements, although I probably wouldn’t want to sit on it for much longer than an hour. However, I can’t think of an occasion when that would really be necessary.

Normann Copenhagen grey and oak barstool close up

09.Overall aesthetic

The Form Barstool is such a cool looking chair, not surprising with it coming from one of the best-known Danish design houses in the world. Its Scandi credentials are perfectly evidenced in its stylish, streamlined looks. I’m particularly fond of the curve of the seat, it’s an additional element that makes the Form Barstool stand out amongst others.

The stool is currently sitting in my kitchen and is perfect for my children to sit on and do their colouring while I cook, and also for me to sit on and read a magazine while my husband cooks. It’s a really versatile product though and I can imagine it being used in a bedroom to throw clothes over or even in a corner of a living room with a plant placed upon it. That’s the beauty of great design… you’re proud to have it in any room of the house.

normann copenhagen form barstool seat

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