LSA Deco Champagne Flute Gold Assorted Set of 8


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Set of 8 luxury champagne flutes from LSA.

Add a touch of Gatsby glamour to your table setting with the LSA Deco Champagne Flute Gold Assorted Set of 8.

Taking styles cues from the opulence of Art Deco style, this luxury set of 8 champagne flutes look like they've come straight out of the 1920s.

Timeless with a vintage expression, the set is mouth blown by skilled artisans and beautifully adorned with metallic striped detailing, presented in 8 completely unique gold finished designs.

Offering a welcoming embellishment, the accents include metallic stems, striped rims and bold saucer trims - encouraging a decadent dimension at your next stylish soiree.

Specifically created to enhance the experience of sipping champagne, the slender stems, delicate drinking rims and perfectly formed flutes lock in the flavour and aroma of champagne as bubbles rise to the top for the ultimate fizzy sensation.

Accent the aesthetic with other luxury LSA Deco additions from Houseology's LSA collection for a layered fusion of metallic modernity.

Searching for a designer gift?

Look no further! This luxury gift set is presented in bespoke LSA gift packaging making it the perfect go-to gift for the most special of occasions.

Capacity 225ml