LSA City Bar Red Wine Glass & Walnut Coaster Set of 2


Product Code: LS4849


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Set of two white wine glasses with walnut coasters.

Relax in style by pouring a glass - or two - of merlot into the LSA City Bar Wine Glass set of 2.

A modern interpretation of the traditional red wine glass, this decadent duo take inspiration from the urban style of bustling city bars.

Modern with timeless charm, each glass features a commanding architectural silhouette with thick stems and disc shaped feet.

Mouth blown by skilled glass artisans, each glass is created specifically to aerate and enhance the aromas and experience of enjoying red wine.

Two walnut wooden coasters complete the look, perfect for impressing your guests at your next dinner party.

Set includes: 2x glasses and 2x walnut coasters; gift boxed, making the perfect gift for a special occasion.