Lene Bjerre Hadria Vase 25.5 cm


Product Code: LE0704

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Flint grey tall glass vase by Lene Bjerre.

Decorative coloured vases are a lovely way to add a touch of colour to classic and contemporary spaces.

We love the cool grey charm of the Lene Bjerre Hadria glass vase which is flint grey in colour and features unique nuances associated with traditional glass blowing techniques.

For a truly captivating focal point, combine with accenting Lene Bjerre designer vases in varying heights and a designer console table from the Houseology collection to complete your aesthetic in style.

Originally established over 40 years ago, Lene Bjerre are devoted to creating fashionable home accessories which draw inspiration from the boundless joy of nature and the enduring appeal of pared back Scandinavian style.

Please note: This item is artisan crafted and no two items are exactly alike due to the natural materials and production process used, making this a unique statement for your home interior space.