Lene Bjerre Goatia Goat Hide Smoked Grey 100x60cm


Product Code: LE0978


Smoked grey goat hide by Lene Bjerre.

Channel warmth into your lounge or bedroom interior space with the Lene Bjerre Goatia Goat Hide Rug Smoked Grey 100x60cm.

Inspired by the inviting elegance of chalet-chic interiors this unique 100% goatskin hide is a fine complement for classic and contemporary interiors alike.

Smoked grey in colour, this long-haired accessory is perfect for creating an irresistible feeling of warmth by your bedside or underneath your Lene Bjerre coffee table, especially during the cold winter months.

Alternatively drape on your lounge armchair or bench seating for touch of Nordic style and comforting warmth.

Explore Houseology's inspiring Lene Bjerre homeware collection for accenting cushions and throws for a seasonal Scandic transformation.

Please note: The goat skin used to make this rug comes from goats bred for human consumption, thus the skin is a by-product of animals bred to be eaten.

Approximate net product weight: 0.5kg

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