Lene Bjerre Dea Sideboard Cabinet Mango Wood Sugar Cane


Product Code: LE1110


Retro cabinet with tapered legs and punched doors with black edging and sliding operation.

Find an instant focal point in the Lene Bjerre Dea Sideboard Cabinet Mango Wood Cane.

The cabinet is manufactured from sustainable mango wood, MDF and sugar cane in the colours natural and black.

Inspired by Mid Century sideboard archetypes, Dea creates a natural and retro focal point in your interior design, providing ample room to clear the clutter upon its integrated shelved storage.

The natural material achieve a unique patina expression of style which will channel visual harmony, character and authenticity into your home.

Select Dea as a unique and eye catching piece of furniture guaranteed to channel style and personality into your interior design.

Approximate net product weight: 30kg

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