Lene Bjerre Bonia Square Deco Box Grey Off White Bone Buffalo Bone


Product Code: LE0995


Off grey and white tiled buffalo bone decorative storage box.

Style console table or display cabinet areas with the Lene Bjerre Bonia Square Deco Box Grey Off White Buffalo Bone.

An eclectic trinket storage box from Lene Bjerre, Bonia is a 14cmx14cm trinket storage box with a bespoke buffalo bone geometric decoration.

Tiles of buffalo bone are hand cut in tones of off white and grey to create a design-led object with hidden storage inside.

Accent with other home decor items from the Houseology Lene Bjerre Scandinavian homeware collection for optimum visual effect.

Aesthetic: Due to the hand crafted nature, natural materials and production processes used, each trinket box is utterly unique every time with no two boxes exactly the same.

Please note: The bone used to make this box comes from buffalo bred for consumption and therefore the bone is a by-product of an animal bred to be eaten.

Approximate net product weight: 1kg

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