Le Creuset GS500 Wine Accessory Set


Product Code: LC0112

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Luxury wine accessories set from Le Creuset.

The GS-500 is an essential set for anybody who enjoys wine at every stage.

Comprising the Le Creuset innovative LM250 lever model opener offering and unrivalled performance and experience, each item has built in rotation technology that allows you to remove both natural and synthetic corks with ease.

Separate 4-wheel foil cutter is included for precision foil removal.

Wine pump with 3 stoppers will preserve wine for up to 7 days.

Once wine has been opened, it is important to preserve it properly so as to enjoy the rest of the bottle another day.

The Le Creuset metal wine pump preserves wine by removing air from inside an opened bottle, then tightly sealing it using a durable stopper.

By simply placing a stopper in the bottle and pumping several times, the wine is sealed and ready for storage.

The WA143 aerator completes the set, the perfect solution for quick aeration and a drip-free pour. The unique aeration system and multiple vents open up flavours and aromas, creating a more enjoyable wine experience with every glass.

Each set includes:

1 x LM250 Bottle opener

1 x Foil Cutter

1 x Wine pump (with 3 stoppers)

1 x WA143 wine aerator