Joseph Joseph Nest Storage 5


Product Code: JJ0012


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Colourful food storage container set.

Savour the flavour and store your food in style with the Nest Storage 5 from Joseph Joseph.

Designed by the experts at innovative kitchenware brand, Joseph Joseph, this lovely set of food storage containers will channel vibrant modernity into your interior and most importantly they'll save you much needed cupboard space.

Each storage container is colour coded with a trimmed lid, making pairing easy.

The containers tuck away neatly together and are reliably air-tight.

Ideal for storing left-overs or taking your lunch to the office, this lovely set is sure to keep you organised in style.

Please note: Lids and bases are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

To prevent staining, please avoid reheating foods high in oil and sugar as well as tomatoes and curries.