Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board - Silver


Product Code: JJ0018


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Set of four chopping boards with storage case.

Make a contemporary statement in the kitchen and prepare your food safely with the Index Chopping Board Set.

Designed by iconic kitchenware experts Joseph Joseph, this sleek chopping board set is the perfect contemporary companion to ensure food preparation is hygienic as well as stylish.

The Index chopping board system has been designed to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination of foods when preparing vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food.

Four chopping boards are tucked away neatly into a sleek silver case, beautifully embossed with colour coded index-style tabs.

The tray tab buttons elevate from the top of the case, staggered with clearly marked icons so you know what foods should be used on each tray.

Highly durable with non-slip feet, this beautiful colour coded system is the perfect recipe for hassle-free food preparation.