Joseph Joseph Foodie 4pc Gift Set

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Set of stainless steel tongs, peeler, colander & grater.

This 2-in-1 grater, vegetable peeler, colander and tong set is ideal for the foodie you know to unleash their inner chef.

With its handle locked, the Twist grater allows flat grating or twisted into the 90° position it creates a naturally sturdy shape for resting on the worktop - providing support when grating larger quantities of food.

A super-sharp vegetable peeler with a precision blade is perfect for match-stick sized strips of vegetable or zesting lemon and lime for a zesty hit of flavour.

Ergonomically designed stainless steel tongs include a nimble centre tab to keep them elevated at an angle from your work surface, reducing the chance of spreading bacteria.

Finally, the mixing bowl is on standby to rustle all your ingredients together for the perfect culinary creation.

Set includes:  2-in-1 grater, multi-function peeler, colander and Elevate stainless steel tongs.