Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Plus Large - Black


Product Code: JJ0020


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Sleek non-slip meat carving board.

Make a unique and colourful style statement in your kitchen interior with the Cut&Carve Plus.

This delightful non-slip chopping board is the ultimate companion to help you prepare meals in style.

Available in a number of colours, the board is multi-functional with a host of features to make carving easy.

One side of the board is smooth and sleek, perfect for slicing tender meat and chopping vegetables.

For tougher jobs, the opposite side of the board transforms with a series of meat spikes to grip onto large cuts of meat, ideal for carving joints of beef or lamb.

The board sits at an angle to help drain liquids easily.

Ideal for every day food preparation as well as specialist carving, this dual function board is perfect for the modern kitchen.

Mix and match with other Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories to create a colourful style statement in your home interior.