Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Mini - Red

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Bold red folding chopping board.

Tears are an inevitable when preparing onions in the kitchen but with the help of the Chop2Pot folding chopping board, its intelligent design is sure to fill you with joy.

Created by the experts at Joseph Joseph, Chop2Pot is an innovative and durable chopping board ideal for introducing a splash of colour into your interior.

Taking influence from the folded lines of origami, this clever accessory makes chopping food and transferring ingredients into the cooking pot easy.

The surface of the board is similar to the conventional chopping board when laid flat, with a knife-friendly rectangular cutting surface.

Once you've prepared your ingredients ready for cooking, simply squeeze the handle and the board transforms into a chute where the ingredients can be easily guided into your pot.

Say goodbye to unwanted spills on the hob with this seriously stylish accessory perfect for your kitchen interior.